Grinning are us.

Some people just cannot stop grinning no matter what the situation is. It could be it burst pipes, teacher strike, water rationing, building collapse and you still find somebody grinning.

:D:D:D like our beautiful green emoji… Right!


That’s short lips syndrome, it’s hereditary.

that’s a thing? I never heard of it. I think Amos Wako must have that short lip syndrome because he was the king of grinning when he was the @A.G.

Kiraitu murungi beats them all :D:D:D:D:D

ilianza kitambo,my fren.[ATTACH=full]163472[/ATTACH]


:D:D:D hahaha I laughed out loud wakaniangalia ni kama nimechizika

They are happy, let them be. Unataka watu wakaange forever angry kama Georg mak?

I know, left me in stitches to. Nanilikuwa works.

hahahaha shiny mouth :D:D

Most people wenye wamezaliwa na kulelewa place iko na jua sana huwa wanaadopt kutofunga mdomo since most of the time izo muscles huwa zinasaidia kureduce exposure ya macho kwa jua…
My observation though…ata huyu Mr Emoji :smiley:

Hii ni watu ya vumbistan. Their skin is so tight wakifunga macho ili vumbi isiingie kwa macho mdomo inafunguka…



Kwani leo mlisahau kutoa mbegu ama haijakauka vizuri?



nimejipita nikitoa sideways grin:D:D:D

Thought it was larry madowo from afar