Greying black and whites

Sometimes i wish the world on its knees
sucking and suckling on it like it were a kid
white milk off my short stumpy dark thing
undeservingly yet I am pretty deserving
The world loves to dominate
The people, The mother nature
Like a canvas clad porn dominatrix
Sometimes i feel none knows than oneself
None understands self better than oneself
Thinking I am chaos of a hysterical girls’ dorm
Yet I am perfectly settled still within myself
Yet everyone outside wants me on their path
Stupid small talk from a human whores,
whose only good thing is a dirty cavity 'twin legs
Dense kids, Dense kids, Dense kids cant spell in '5
120 in '8
D in '4th
Just coz everyone turns black or white,
Doesnt mean i cant be grey
I know its late in my age
But its only late if i wanted to board

Who is your supplier?

Si threads za huyu jamaa ubore to death…yeye na ule luoamerican.


Utaelewaje aiseee,

Utaelewaje na kuosha matako ya wazungu ndo unatambua?