Greta Thurnberg tweets roasting "Top G" hit 3M likes each.

Meanwhile Top G is cooling his heels in jail :D:D:D. Shida ya hawa nouveau rich, wanapata $10M at once then they start believing wao ndio wako :D. Hawajui kuna some people who have 1000× what they have but hata social media hawako. Tate with his proceedings from conning young fatherless kids he could have lived as a king in 3rd world Romania but no aliona kuchokoza a globalist stooge is the best thing to do.




Tate may end up in prison if he is not careful. His mistake was opposing government ideologies akasahau he has very shallow pockets if the U.S. government wants you. There are levels to the game and at the highest levels are governments and corporations, not individuals. SBF, a guy worth tens of billions, anapipinywa makeii sembuse Tate with his less than $100M?? Even Elon is a cockroach to Uncle Sam.

Halafu ukumbuke the Romanian government may want to make a statement and use him as an example. Kwanza hiyo issue ya pimping webcam models is very dicey. That’s the rope they will use to hang him.

Tate was released again without charges the second time. Hii drama yote Bure. Next they will try kill him as he said

Hio muchichana sura mbaya sahii anajifanya haoni vile EU governments are reversing their “green energy” policies. Anajifanya hajui vile hizo bonobos za Europe zinakata miti na ku-restart coal and nuclear plants. Mushienzi sana.

Hiyo matusi ni legendary.

Lakini amepiga hio MGTOW roundkick ya chin hata disciples akina @Kodiaga wamescatter

Career ending sweep

kwanza iyo ya small dick energy :smiley:

Where are you getting your news from? He is being held for 30 days after a judge approved the request to hold him for 30 days.




Where does he get all this money, and what is all this obsession cars and show offs?

ni marketing gimmick, target ni young impressionable white males.



Nilisema in the other Tate thread: when a rich person from a developed country moves to a poor country, you can be sure that they are running from the law. Normal rich people in developed countries move to the rich estates in their country, or to tax havens like Monaco and Hong Kong. Watu wa kuhamia poor countries ni wahuni kama Sam Bankman Fried, John McAfee na Gerasim Nikolov (Sportpesa owner)

hyo dem nimeconfirm sio blue eye so siwezi tomba yeye. homosexuals kama @Aka mpole ni washenzi sana

So yeye ni thug tu, selling vanity to greedy youth.

Hakuna mali Top G anaeda…he’ll be back

All those rich people have estates in poor countries. They spend a lot of time there but don’t announce. Kazi nikuingia na twin engine Cessna , spends a few days and weeks and then quietly leave. They don’t care for the publicity, so as not to jeopardize their security. Hao Kuna Mcaffee just got caught up with deviant lifestyles.