Greetings From Schiphol

I think its the canadian government that forced him on that flight, once the family registered their missing person with the cops in canada and with the embassy both the kenyan government and mm had no choice, hapa we can mess around with cops, judges lakini huko canada its no joke, the government tells you to go home you have to tow the line otherwise the consequences will be dire.


Meanwhile Justice Luka Kimaru has finally realized the folly of issuing orders that he can’t enforce.
He’s now asking Boinnet,Kinoti and Kihalangwa to now write affidavits detailing why his orders weren’t implemented and the circumstances that led to Miguna’s deportation.

Skrrr pap paa…you dont know

Miguna took up Canadian citizenship thereby denouncing his Kenyan citizenship. When he applied for a Kenyan passport in 2009 he never confessed he had a Canadian passport.

si watasema it was a government to government deal and refer him to the canadian embassy, but this thing was just a big circus - and looking at it every player is happy, the kenyan government is happy mm is out of their path, the canadian government is happy their citizen is safely home, odm wing of nasa is happy mm is not taking the limelight away from rao, his family is happy at least breadwinner amerudi nyumbani, not sure if mm is happy though.

Whats the big deal with slippers

Hapa I’m not sure. The way those lawyers paraded yesterday in full combat gear, the way they took selfies in Kimaru’s court, the way even junior-most was brave enough to call a presser,…

All that opportunity went down the drain once the object of their attentions was removed. There will be no lengthy, televised courtroom exchanges between state and NRM, where the lawyers, protected by judicial privilege, can expound on the ‘revolution’ and WOW their gullible followers with ‘brilliant’ arguments.

So he was in kenya illegally

Infact iebc should be sued for having allowed a foreigner to run. As for being in kenya illegaly i dont know, maybe he had a valid visa on his canadian passport which he renewed in 2017

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