Greenwood might survive

Greenwood might survive the storm, if the sexual assault is deemed false, however his career still remains in Jeopardy, Manchester might cut ties with him to avoid controversy[ATTACH=full]415351[/ATTACH]

Alot of scumbags have escaped the worst[ATTACH=full]415355[/ATTACH]

Shida sasa ni court of public opinion. He will be a PR nightmare for a while, maybe not forever.

mbona hawakupea Mendy bail ?

He had 9 rape cases and counting with very solid evidence banae.

I think alipewa akabreak bail conditions. Don’t quote me, sikumbuki vizuri. But I think aliambiwa no more than 3 adult visitors at a time and the smart man went ahead to throw a party.

Looks like a sick man. He was paid over $60m, which means he has a plethora of women throwing themselves at him. Yet he chooses to rape.

Release on bail is not acquittal

Actually he is done:

No he is royally ferkd, screwd and roasted.