Greenpark terminus to be demolished

Green Park terminus will cease to exist as Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja plans to convert it into a world-class conference center.

The plans were revealed this week by the county boss who said that Green Park terminus occupies a valuable five-acre parcel of land that can be converted for another use after its original plan failed.

The Sh250 million terminus was built by the now defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) to effectively establish and operationalize the bus park.

Government officials nkama ata wafanyangi SWOT analysis before embarking on a project lol. Sasa iyo 225mil nkama iliflashiwa kwa choo



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Most wiminz who voted for the idiot did because he has dimples. Obviously the men who voted for him are just shallow.


That is a summary of the Kenyan problem.Patching this that are long dead Even the conference center smells corruption and greediness.Anyway,it’s good someone thought of new spaces like Konza.Let the dirty tired Nairobi that has lived beyond the original plan be left in the hands of bonobos.

Even our economic agendas, political and religious leaders are in that basket.


Nairopi is dirty, overpopulated, congested and utterly disorganized. Something urgent needs to be done to correct this


This nigga has turned cbd into a gikomba market he has nothing to offer investors have gone to westlands


What a waste.

This is the problem with democracy. Longterm planning cannot work. Every 5 years mtu anainga ana cancel plans za predecessor anaanza zake. After 5 years na yeye projects zake zinacancelliwa. Iyo 250M imetupwa could have redone the broken pavements in cbd.

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Should convert to parking space