greencard application

how does one go about it and what are the key points to note when applying

you want to go to the states and do what? umesoma? whats your profession?

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Iyo ndio the only hope amebaki nayo after kukosa sugarmumy


Annually roughly 4800 Kenyans win the lottery from over 200k who apply now you see the odds. I once harbored the dreams too but am wiser now. What tge Us shows you is all rosy glossy and Hollywood but the reality is that they have their own dirty twisted stuff that they dont display to the world especially with police brutality against blacks my advice is if you visiting for a vacation then by any means go but if its for permanent residence then you are way better say in kisumu kenya than slums in cali


Guys apply for green card thinking the US government will set you up with a job and housing…plus pay for your flight there. Niggaz dont realise that a green card is nothing but an authorization by the goverment to live and work in the US. Thats it. Anything else, you sort your own shit out


Bado tunaaenda US by force prisss:):):rolleyes::smiley:

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nitakupeleka miami sweetie…pack you bikini:p

bikini siwesmek aki am no slim jane

Would have answered you if you were the one issuing the visa boss

You are right sir

Visiting boss but if I find the place worthy of a permernent stay I wouldn’t mind either

I have no problem footing my bills

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If visiting you just need a regular visa no need for a green card in other news i heard obama agreed to extend kenyan visitors stay upto 5yrs i dont know if its true

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I’m looking for a viable option between normal visa, green card and dual citizenship whichever is fastest

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u heard where?

DT…uliskia wapi?

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dual citizen is a longest route. you will need to have lived and worked there for 5yrs (i think) before you are even eligible for residency, wacha even citizenship.
green card, you have been told your chances.
Normal visa, you will jump through their hoops and you can get it…but you cant do shit in the US, legally.

There is still a maximum number of days you can visit the US right? you cant just fly there and stay for 5years as a tourist i presume


Damn… Then I should take my chances on the greencard

@OP, please don’t listen to the naysayers here.

How old are you if you dont mind me asking? What profession? Family?

If you happen to win the GC lottery, based on the factors above, please take advantage of it. Ukifika huku be focused. Go to school. There are a lot of resources, scholarships from colleges and govt that you can explore.

After completing your residency (5 years) with a GC, you can apply for your US citizenship and take advantage of the dual that we now have.

STAY. OUT. OF. TROUBLE. Mambo ya fombe, spousal abuse etc.

Discipline is the key. Network etc.

Good luck. Hope you win it.


na aweke Bra yake yenye hutolewa kwa mwili via sublimation…


Thanks I needed that

@nairobilay, to fulfill the residency requirements you cannot be outside the US for six months consecutive unless you apply for an exemption. Although it will delay the citizenship process.

In our new katiba in Kenya, it allows for dual citizenship. Ukishuka JKIA use the Kenyan passport (thus not paying the $50 visa fee :D). When flying out unatumia US pasi.