GreenBorough, NC men charged with drugging, raping a woman who died later

Charges upgraded to murder. What is going on in this world?

Spring break manenos.

You go looking for crimes relating to me all over the world?

Your the most negative person in this village. Thousands of positive stories all over the world kama bitcoin iko 6 million ksh + sahii, lakini lazima utuletee zile negative, yes some humans are bad but that’s like 0.1% billions of people are good.

You are welcome to bring the good news and to block me if you don’t like my so called negativity. I am not changing anytime soon and I won’t even defend myself with the positive posts that I post. It’s my handle and I can post whatever I want to. If what I post hurts your feelings kindly use the block button. I’m not manipulatable ati if you keep telling me that I am negative I will change. I won’t. So my advice is to stop wasting your time and energy on me bcz I won’t change to please anyone. I don’t care if it’s. 00000000001% I will still talk about it. OK? Jipe shughuli msenge.

The effort in your reply pfff
The pain in your reply pff
You really need to get laid or something. pff
You expect me to abuse you back pfff

Take a lesson bitter woman , male, transgender whatever the fuck you are, POSITIVITY!!!

And yes after this reply kula block, you must be the most hideous , disfigured human being in this forum to be this bitter.
I bet those rapist you post about here will not show an ounce of interest at you.

Based on a unit I took of psychology you are a paranoid narcissistic masochist. This explains your obsession’s with serial killers and gangrapes. It also explains your paranoia, your introversion and your sense of reverse grandiosity.
You are sick
You need help

LOL. E for effort. See you changed not me. Which is what you should have done b4 wasting your time trying to shame me into changing.

Its really very simple guys, anyone who thinks my content doesn’t rub you the right way, don’t bitch, just block. I mean that’s what I do. I don’t write you alot of stories to shame you to change. Nope. Change is a personal prerogative. So my advice to anyone reading this. Please don’t reprimand me, I am not your child and secondly I love true, I love all things crime, I love highlighting the evil in society and I don’t do it to piss you off bcz you are not that important, I do it bcz I like it ALOT. So if that is nt your cup of tea usiniletee misomo, block me.

Are we togeza? I’m not going to change even if you tell me I’m sick, I’m negative, Im this I’m the other. Aki I won’t change you will just have wasted your time and energy. So to avoid becoming bitter with me and writing me long ninis here, just block coz me I don’t care. The devil may care but not me. Kwanza I have just received a notification from Crimes of passion there’s an upload on their podcast been waiting for it. Wacha nikaskize.

Its not good to get annoyed in the morning with internet strangers unless uko tuu na shida zako. Somebody makes a post then you stop whatever you are doing to go start lecturing them about what they should be posting? If you are powerless to change things in your own life is when you will come online to try and change strangers. Anyway lemme get my daily dose of true crime. Niki maliza naileta huku so if you don’t like negativity I’ve warned you in advance. Take cover.


OK guys. This is the guy about who I am listening to. You can get this true crime channels were a you get your podcasts.

Alafu you can join us on FB group ID InvestigationDiscovery :Crime, Forensics and Murder usiwachwe nyuma, get crime stories when they’re still hot. Usiptwe. We have like 40 Kenyans in the group mostly women, you know true crime is a woman interest area. That’s why most everyone with a true crime channel on YouTube is a woman, at least the best are.

If you are a GRWM kinda gurl. Subscribe to Bailey Sariens channel. She’s an amazing story teller. She is ze creme de LA creme, the Rockstar of the true crime community.

For high profile crime cases every week subscribe here

If you are into the nitty gritty magnifying class obsessive analysis, this is your guy. True Crime rocket science. If you are as obsessed with True Crime as I am you will love this guy bcz he is more obsessed than the most obsessed true crime junkie