Green spot ruiru bypass

So today was driving on that eastern bypass and decided to stop by the above joint. Wah! Si people have forgotten about Rona. The place was filled to the brim, hata parking sikupata. Guys were not observing any social distancing, no masks, drinking, hugging, shaking hands and kids running around the place(still with no masks) .

Swali yangu ni, kwani wanjohi announced end of Rona or what’s going on. Most joints were either full or next to full along that bypass. I took the next exit after looking for parking for a good 15 mins and of course re thinking after what I’ve seen when in the car.

Guys remember the next wave of Rona will be worse than the first and only the rich will corrupt their way to a hospital bed if things get a little too crowded. #staysafe[ATTACH=full]307176[/ATTACH]

Let me guess…ulienda ukaseti hiyo joint kwa gava?

Nope I have better things to do, wacha bonobos wamalizane wenyewe kwa wenyewe

Utaambiwa mara ngapi corona ni scam? Some people are generally slow.

And what should people do? Lock themselves up for God knows how long until corona is over?

Watu lazima waoshe rungu.

Airport north road club zote zilikuwa zimejaa

Bebewa akili na Kagwe pekee yako. Sisi hatujawahi kosa kwa bar tangu March. Daily
lazia tukutane tuongee mambo ya maendeleo. Hata jana nilikuwa Umoja meeting my kanda ya mokos.[ATTACH=full]307192[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]307193[/ATTACH]

nyumba ya mtu ndio bar? ama house party?

Hapo sawa kiongoss.Wacha hii fala ibebewe akili kabisa.Anytime i hear a bonobo saying ‘the next wave will be worse than the first nyef nyef’ naskia kutapika.WHO imewashow 97% of people from this region who get the infection exhibit mild to moderate symptoms,meaning you will probably get it and recover without even knowing it.The people to watch out for are the ones with uncontrolled hiv,diabetes,cancer and other immuno compromisng infections.

Never in the history of mankind has goalposts been shifted as with COvid-19. My forensic classes taught me that there are people who thrive in chaos and there is managed chaos. COVID-19 is a good example. Siwezi wacha hustle yangu iharibike eti kuna corona. Hata next week i will be out of Nairobi to catch up with the projects that were interrupted by this “pandemic”.

Hapo sawa kiongos.
Mi naskia tu watu wakisema ‘kumeharibika na hii corona’ nashangaa!
Hapa am adding weight na sio kwa sababu ya quarantine!