Green gold Farmers Abandon Food Crops To Grow Muguka...


There is an edible form of fangi? I want!

I’m own a muguka farm in Embu. Very lucrative business.

How much is one seedling and how many seedlings can you plant in 1 acre

1 seedling goes for 30bob. Space>>1by1m.

An acre is (70x70) Metres
So that about 4900 seedlings in 1 acre.
It comes to 200k or thereabouts to prepare and plant in an acre.

5-6k seedling per acre. 200k is on the downside. Add labour+manure+fertilizer+pesticides+machinery(water pump+2.1/2.pvc pipes)+fence+mulch etc.
Although you can cut cost on seedlings by first planting a quarter acre, wait till they develop suckers, prune them and plant them on the remaining piece of land.

Thank you for this info.
I had not factored the irrigation system as I was thinking that one can use the seasonal rains.

Ukupika muguka na skuma ukule kwa sembe ?

We need to talk boss inbox

Irrigation system is a must coz Kuna pesa mingi wakati hakuna mvua.

How long it takes from planting to harvest?
How much you will get per acre?

An year give or take. Best tym to plant is October dio ipatwe chini na mvua ya short rains(oct-dec) from there, irrigation takes over upto march the onset of long rains(march -july). The harvest will depend on the work you put in interms of water, manure, fertilizer, pesticides. You can enjoy profits of upto 100k per acre or more.per month.

Shida ni hiyo pesticide.

Muguka is chieth. Inapigisha MTU roho vibaya Sana. Afadhali miraa.

Aslo muguka is very addictive relative to miraa.


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@Sergeant would you kindly guide me to where I can get Muguka seedlings.
Inbox a phone number please.

Ok. Le me work. Wil get back to u.