Green Club

What happened to this once vibrant full of presentable lanye’s danguro? Siku hizi hamna kitu[ATTACH=full]455057[/ATTACH]

hii ndio modern green ama?


young drifters

Wanafaa wapunguze tu bei ya rooms from 350 to 150… mafisi watajaa tena.

Cc: Managament

Hizi ndiyo hobbies za chokosh @cortedivoire

Funny how it lost customers after upgrading. It used to be full around 4 years ago.

Very very ugly lanyes asking for a lot, high room prices, poor music and ambiance etc

Before it was renovated ilikua poa sana… Huyu Vivian ndio alikua anakaribisha wanakijiji huko


hio mboga mbele yako looks kamueble

Tamu kama sunguch

Lakini VIP ndio kusema

ii 350 room ni for how long?

Shida ya vip ni space…

Post-COVID-19 effects on businesses…there’s a shift to online platforms

Using the word chokosh is retarded

Sio mambo na price that has affected modern green, I think ni poor management. Coz when you talk of pricing look at SJ its very expensive but ever full. Halafu pia modern green haina variety to choose from

Or they were bewitched? In the heydays, modern green used to be 2nd only to SJ but after renovation the downward spiral started.

Wakenya mnafikiria sex and booze 24/7 badala ya kufikiria about how to industrialise our country and create food security?

[ATTACH=full]455757[/ATTACH]siku hizi booze tunapigia outdoors kuavoid malaya…