Green card

How does one verify if an email as such from the screenshot attached if legit.

Piga simu US embassy . shika namba 0728697245 - Oneal Bojack

Uwesmake for once I hope you is serious.
Lemme call.

Acha upuss, green card is played once per yr and its free. Bona unataka wakuchezee??


Give details, that’s why nimeuliza.
When? How?

Around end of oct and closes early Nov every yr and You must posses a passport doc.

Bado nacheka Tu but are u kemboi???, Enyewe Kuna pahali watu huwa very 1st but zingine acha tu

I’ve been playing that lottery for years. Nime give up. Wacha tu nikae hapa vumbistan

Ji_enjoy kaka.

Am sure you have no clue, but instead you present your critics first.

Following…learning something

The only way to apply for the Diversity Visa program is through the official U.S. Department of State website during the specified registration period which takes place annually in the Fall (march-june). Registrants can only check the outcome of their entry via the official status check website in May of the following year. Kama hukuregister for the program, you should find it strange if you have been contacted about ‘winning’ it.

It’s a lottery like sportpesa. Unless u have a skill d us needs. Eg a working fusion reactor


Winners of the 2022 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2022), have been announced on Saturday by the U.S. government. Visa lottery entrants can now check the status of their application at the Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website.Oct-Nov ni ya china ama ruski? Ingia mtaao labda uliitwa na hujui