Hey savers
The daughter of our neighbour back at home has built her parents a very big mansion worth 23 million (or so I hear). The mansion is really good from the photos my mother has not stopped constantly sending to me. The girl is married to a mzungu who built the house.
Now my mum is chocking me up with that story. I sent her 5k for Christmas she initiated a reversal because it is small money. I was really hurt. Ananiambia inafaa utafute mwanaume kama wa huyo dem. Yet I already have someone. Ever since that mansion was built, my mum has changed. She is harassing me, wanting more money. She hates my fiancee for no reason. She told me she will never accept him because he is not a billionaire like the mzungu, yet initially she had accepted him. We went to my fiancee’s home for Christmas tukadecide kupitia kwa mum na shopping (against my wish but my man ni ule wa mzazi ni mzazi tu). Imagine alizitupa. My bro told me alitupa shopping yetu.
She calls my man “akho khabwana khako” which is really hurtful considering my fiancee renovated my mum’s house last year and lives with my young bro. He even opened a shoe business for my bro which is doing well. Yesterday I told her this man and me tunasave pesa we build our own house because next year that was our plan. She started cursing me ati sitawahi kuzaa nikiishi na huyo mtu. We bought (he bought) a land cruiser TZ.G and my mum told me tunaringia gari mkebe. The girl who built the mansion is now the standard measure of success my mum has set for me and she is just too much. My young bro told me my mum sent my fiancee abusive messages. He lives with him and apparently he saw them. My fiance has never told me about the messages. We will officially marry next year. My mum told me over her dead body. She has become moneyminded and when i warn her i get cursed.
How do I deal?
I told her hata tukikua na 23 million sai hatuezi kukujengea mansion. We have our own lives. She told me amelamba chini akainua kidole juu hatutawahi pata hiyo 23 million hata tufanye nini. Hata nashangaa tu huyu ameanza gani?
Ameanza kuingilia huyu mwanaume na mimi sitaki hizo mchezo. I told her to leave him alone anitusi mimi juu this man hajamkosea. She never stopped.
I’m not sure it’s money related but sasa niongee na nani?

Cut her off. Simple. Zero communication and support.

Cut her off

Ambia yeye kabhwana kake amjengee nyumba.

IF THIS is a real story, cut that woman off na uishi maisha yako otherwise utajipata na HBP.

Your Mum and Kapondi, do they share the same DNA?

@administrator umeanza kunichosha na hizi vifaranga zako. Unaua kijiji bila kujua. Upuzi ingine ibaki huko Facebook na mharo. Ama vile @Agwambo alisema in ukweli that your judgement is clouded by the number of handjobs you are receiving from your moderators?

This is a familiar situation na watu wa mayolo. We can never do enough…never!!! And the comparisons with others are suicide inducing…
My late dad took me around Kiambu years ago pointing out ma-highrise buildings za wenzangu…[SIZE=1]I was still a student[/SIZE]. As if that is not enough most parents are graduates of Jojina Oa Mzungu School of thought…I introduced my Luhya man to them wakaniuliza mtu anapata wazungu wapi?? and they said they could not accept a Jaluo man…I said he is a Luhya…Dad said oothe ni kindu kimwe…

Why oh why did you take words outta my mouth?:smiley:

As you grow older you get to realise how toxic some parents are. There was a time i stayed away from home for 8 straight years… I would talk to them but never visit.

Was she like that all the time or changed in time to that form?

Kabla niseme mengi, thought wewe ni mjamaa since you are a friend to a friend of mine (bush).

Just ignore atatulia

Kumbe @uwesmake ni shemeji yako

Is that wote ni kitu kimoja?

Not my fault…
Maneno yalitoka bila mimi kutarajia…

Ndio maana huwa nawaambia okokeni juu hizi vitu zimeandikwa Kwa bible
Ecclesiastes 4:4-6 I have also learned why people work so hard to succeed: it is because they envy the things their neighbors have. But it is useless. It is like chasing the wind. 5 They say that we would be fools to fold our hands and let ourselves starve to death. 6 Maybe so, but it is better to have only a little, with peace of mind, than be busy all the time with both hands, trying to catch the wind.

Pia John the Baptist ashaisema “No one can have anything unless God gives it.

Don’t tolerate bullshit from people, mothers included.

Mothers are just like any other people, with personalities some good some bad some narcissistic etc

Ensure you explain to them and define the lines clearly

Hata ukiokoka mama yako hataokoka and yet she is the one bringing problems

Why are you being hard headed and so difficult to teach…Kila mtu anaweza okoka… especially in this case she can preach to her the good word aoeni her actions zilikuwa kitambo na zimeandikwa…

Kuna time you preach alafu Kuna time uko team lanyes

Tangaza msimamo sahu