Greedy business patner

So a friend of mine karanja introduced me to taxi and goods ferrying business, by then nilikuwa nimetosheka na pesa ya muhindi,kazi ilikuwa kudinya corporate prostitutes like @slevyn aka maverick Aoko, during my free time

So I decided to refurbish my beat up note, to do side hustle, so this clients for karanja ni foreigners, wengi wao huishi those fancy hotels pale Westlands, business has been good for years

Things took a turn when karanja got hurt in an accident, he has a string of vehicles but he couldn’t drive, because he fractured his arm

Karanja introduced a baluhya guy into the circle, because I couldn’t attend to those clients demand alone, mluhya naye na tamaa he started to charge half the price, kidogo last few weeks jamaa amechukua 80% of the customers.

fortunately because of customer loyalty bado I still acrue some good cash , during weekends

Yenyewe some people don’t understand business at all

Hii ni Okuyu v/s Mbaruya business mind set. Kuna tribe hufanya biz kufurahisha customers kama mbaruya na kambodia… hao wakifungua kando ya biz yako, wanaweza cause high tide to sweep you off, juu ya pricing ya upus.

Now you know hakuna ubeshte Kwa biashara. Business is all about evolving. Since uko na rapport na hao clients call them and outmatch him on price. Better have a small profit than nothing

You need to take an evaluation of this statement between you and your nemesis.
Who is likely to prosper or go out of business between the two of you in the foreseeable future?

I can’t only hope karanja comes back into the picture, this niche was created by him… we’ve been helping each other for years, during downtime, I used to step aside because am already employed, hii baluhya pumbaff must be sent to oblivion for his greed

Kick tha baruiya out


Why do stray dogs insist on complaining wanaharibiwa biashara na tuko kwa soko huru? Msito Porter long identified pricing as a derivative of cost leadership which is one of the generic strategies that any business is free to pursue.

Nobody denounces that business must have freedom of pricing, however have you asked yourself why certain people prosper for years in certain business than others?!! If you price wrongly you’re going to cross the line and end up having loses

Biashara mind set ya mkenya mzalendo

  1. Nunua probox ya ‘biashara’
  2. Tumia probox hadi ichoke kapsaa, bora irejeshe pesa ulinunua nayo.
  3. Nunua probox mpya weka ile ya kwanza juu ya mawe.
  4. Sasa wewe ni mwanabiashara aliye na bidii, mkenya ako na maendeleo.
    Replicate the above with bodaboda, tuktuk or matatu business.

It is not like mlikuwa mnapeana service ambayo iko niche in nature otherwise clients kuwatoka kimalamala hivyo haingekuwa rahisi. There is so much that we don’t know about your business hence we can only make educated guesses. We can’t tell for example, that baruhya haibangi mafuta akiweka kwa gari na kujitengenezea gari ndio maana anawatomba na pricing coz he can afford to. We can’t be sure if it is his money laundering scheme. Unaona hii maneno? We can’t even tell for sure if mlikuwa mnaibia clients wenu ndio maana the switch to baruhya was an easy one for them to make.

Umeacha wapi wale wasee wa kununua plots kwa.misitu na kurudi na titles nyumbani wakingojea appreciation wauze at a huge profit? Methinks it is high time the govt started taxing idle land wakenya tuwache ujinga.

Waluhya huwezi pigana kwa price na mdomo.

Wacha wivu naniii Kama hautaki washana nae

Introduce mluhya only in ugali eating contests , biashara those dogs will fuck you up

Business goals is directly related to salary expectations. You can’t compete with someone who is comfortable working for 12 hrs a day with a fixed salary of Kshs. 20,000.p.m.

Kwa biz never allow yuaselefu to be sucked into a price war, it’s a race to the bottom that nobody wins. The best thing to do is to differentiate your brand by providing higher quality services. Give your vehicles some new paintwork and upholstery. Add nonsensical things like a bottle/can of “free” water/soft drink/energy drink ama chocolate/chewing gum. You’d be surprised at how happy such small things make these “fancy” clients. They’ll appreciate that you went the extra mile to make them comfortable. The ghaseers will even tip you, despite charging them more.

A concept bonobos have never fully grasped is that not everyone wants the cheapest product because cheap=inferior. You can have two exactly similar products but price them differently and people will still buy the higher priced version.

Hehe, how can the government start taxing idle land na the officials ndio wana hizo mashamba idle kwa msitu

Very good. Degree certified.