It date nine, millers and suppliers have decided to hoard maize flour creating an artificial shortage. Just to justify why they should sell the product at Ksh150. Media outlets have already run with the story and over the next week, expect an outcry over lack of “unga”. Yenyewe we are third world, why hoard food? Food, of all things.

In Kenya you sell anything and do everything to make money even if it means killing your sibling.In the meantime ,…

People need to go back to the Unga ya kusiaga,

But hiyo itakuwa expensive pia considering shida ya stalk borer which affected harvest in 2017. There are farmers who ordinarily had full stores but this time ziko at a quarter. I think we should diversify tusitegemee mahindi sana. But that is medium term measure. For now people have to pay the higher prices.

Shida ni hiyo,plus cartel will still hoard the maize.I hear hivi sasa nikununua wananunua kutoka UG in bulk,then waje waifiche,ndio government iweke another subsidy.Shida zetu aki.

Saa hizi its advisable to buy some sacks for your own consumption if you are not a farmer. Na wale small holders are being advised not to sell unless they have surplus.

Niko na enough stock ya kutosha family yangu,hapa nikujipanga.

I know some people who produced more than enough.After putting aside his I asked them to sell the surplus before the Uganda maize hit the Kenyan market,at least they will sell it at 3200 - 3500 per 90kgs bag.Remember this farmers have to prepare themselves for the next season whose inputs have to come from the sale proceeds.

The millers who had promised to buy from them at kes 3200 have told them to wait a little bit.They are currently looking for market elsewhere

Umelima wapi Afande…

Kama ulisema tano tena letewa kiti utulie

nifungue posho mill ama ?

Greed is never good, especially for the weak and poor; they suffer the blunt of scenarios like these.

Bungoma county,10 bags ni mingi sana kwangu.

Hauna kuku.10 bags ukiweka kuku ndani ya mix haziwezi fikisha mid year.Lakini kama ni familia tu hiyo iko sawa

Most of the time mimi hubaki home na wife na junior wengine wako boarding,hio chakula ni mingi sana.


Afande tumia mimi gorogoro tano na G4s ama Mololine :):slight_smile:

They already have I beleive. I have also discovered whole wheat from kisiagi. Fantastic!!!

Nitakujia gorogoro tatu kukiharibika