Greece - What You're Not Being Told by the Media

@Guru kuja we go out on a date. wont be hard on your pension. just ice cream na pia i will chip in with my muhindi money from industrial area

Have you read anywhere that I am whining. Part of nation building is telling people that they, we, are electing greedy and corrupt leaders. Why does it hurt you so much when someone says this? We should not just sit back and shut up, we should call them out.

no lets use an example when youre borrowing a loan from a bank they give you a loan you qualify for and will be able to pay. now in the governments situation the creditors arr giving the government money which will be very hard to pay back. what will happen is same situation as greece sell state assets to investors preferred by the creditors and the people whomaccepted the loans on us will be the one to push austerity on us

Wewe guka wachana na Templar. Count yourself very lucky.We should be slaughtering your ilk like ISIS does for selling our heritage.

Dadi, I have respect for you but the moment you said “our leaders…” you raised my gall. “Our leaders” compared to who? If our leaders are corrupt aren’t they then a reflection of our society…do you get the drift? This fingerpointing allows Kenyans to get away from the truth - THAT THEY ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MESS WILL ARE IN. And unless you accept that, nothing will change…

Sawa. Nimetulia.

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I think the world financial system is overly unnecessarily complicated to benefit a few and capitalism has failed massively to eliminate poverty but succeeded greatly in fuelling greed. Man eat man society. I find stock exchanges for example overated. They are just a big casino with gamblers doing their thing. Other than folks exhanging stocks and other ‘securities’ for a price just like we would in a normal mango market, what productivity and growth comes out of that exchange. Dont forget that unlike in the mango market where prices are determined by real factors like production costs, transport costs etc, prices in the stock exchange are determined largely by rumours. Even a stupid rumour aof a CEO of a blue chip company being caught red handed with a mwk will see share prices fluctuate dramatically. Then un the evening news you will hear the business reporter telling you of what an active day it was un trading at the NSE without mention of how trade was at the commodities markets.


and thats where patriotism comes in…when things are thickest we stick around and show people where we are going wrong! and work towards correcting that

Like in France and Sweden after world war two, guys were giving birth to an average 5-7 kids (so called baby boomers) but the generations after were giving birth to 1-3 kids. You find the number of people retiring is way more then the working age and way way more than those under-18 and since less workers means less economic growth, the governments will find it hard to pay the pensions of all the retiring baby boomers

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How do these faceless bankers benefit from the massive profit(loot) yet they are not relocating to Mars or Jupiter? Or is it about amassing obscene wealth for the fun of it?

I wonder how does china make it,? or north korea? These are the countries kenya should copy

It looks like that documentary narrated by Matt Damon titled “Inside Job”. More or less about how those in various positions of power are fucking us right up the azz!

From what I’ve read today only, it seems that this is actually one of the things that needs to be fixed before we even begin looking at anything else. Apparently, one of the riskiest jobs there would be anything along the line of tax and/or debt collection. Niccas doing their jobs are getting killed for asking defaulters to pay up and its something which has been going on for a while. With this kind of mentality, it doesn’t shock me that they’re taking this whole idea of defaulting on the nation’s debt in such a pedestrian manner. I’ve been watching documentaries on unemployment in countries like Greece and Portugal and I know its hasty to judge them based on the interviews, but they don’t seem too bothered by the fact that they’re jobless. Its like “hey, we’re all jobless and you know we can’t get jobs because there aren’t any jobs soooooooooooooooo we gon’ sit here in the town square and dress like hippies and blame all the baby boomers and if you wanna, you can just drop some cash into this here hat and maybe change the laws while you’re at it to allow me to declare bankruptcy on literally every loan I ever took out”.

Also, it kind of seems like this was their chance to re-invent themselves and “bootstrap” their way out of the debt. It would take some time, but I think that if they’d taken the risk and allowed themselves to be “kicked” out of the Eurozone, then they woulda had a chance to go back to using their own currency and raised its value by pimping their holiday destination status through super-cheap holidays for EVERYONE who has ever even thought of going to Greece or a cheap part of Europe! They had the power to raise the value of the Drachma in their hands and literally threw it away so they could keep on mooching off everyone else. That referendum wasn’t properly thought out. So now instead of suffering for a short period and benefiting in the long run, they gon’ feel secure now and then feel the dick up they azz afterwards. SPOILER ALERT! Germany wants to fuck them and it seems like they might get to.


To me, this video’s explanation of the EU crisis sounds more sane to me than this article.

Thanks for that. The Euro should just dissappear…

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