[SIZE=5]Was he better than Eliud Kipchoge?

Kipchoge is considered the best, but the most exciting marathoner of all time still remains Sammy Wanjiru because of the way he won his races. He was a class act.

RIP Samuel Kamau Wanjiru.[/SIZE]



Guy was a great marathoner …If he was alive am sure he would have done it under two hours long before Eliud.Wanawake walimalisa kijana yetu

He was running as a Kenyan not Kikuyu

True. He was obviously more talented than Kipchoge but the latter had more discipline.
Angalia vile alikua ana dominate and remember he was two years younger than Kipchoge


Guy built a nice house pale “Muthaiga” ya hometown. Too bad $$$ got into his head. Nowadays kids just skate on that road outside his home.

That guy had a very bright future ni vile tuu hakuwa na self-control ya senyeste na pombe. Earning over a million USD at the age of 22-23 in the noughties would destroy any young man. It was too much money too soon for a young man from a small town. The guy died at about 25 years.

Successful athletes of his era now own buildings in town (Nyahururu) enjoying their retirement. Some like Kipchoge are still pushing.

You’re a true idiot. Haunanga akili kabisa! So a world record holder at 2:01:39 is lesser than a ka guy who could summon 2:05:10 over the same distance?

Look at the table below (source: Marathon - men - senior - all ) and see how far below Wanjiru ranks against Kipchoge:


That data tells an interesting story. The fastest times have been set very recently. You can see the years bunched at the top 2018, 2019, 2021 etc on second last column.

It means that these fastest athletes have tried to beat the under 2 hr mark many years after Wanjiru’s demise. During Wanjiru’s era it wasn’t that critical to try the under 2 hr mark. If he had lived on definitely he would’ve tried a much faster time and his kick to the line was lethal. He had ferocious stamina when coming to the line. If he stopped the theatrics i.e waving at the crowd who knows what he would’ve posted back then.

:smiley: si walisema babake ni mkale ju alikuwa mtoto wa singo matha

this guy was a beast, pesa ikamaliza yeye… but as kipchoge says - discipline is everything.
but they are both great men… live long Kipchoge, RIP wanjiru

Engaging these low IQ villagers who rush to comment is a futile effort.
Kipchoge actually started road running in 2012 long after Wanjiru had died.

Enyewe genes za mkikuyu na mkale huwa haziingiani. The shape of the bantu head is incompatible with the large kalenjin teeth. Hizo meno ni kama ameekelea za movie props

The guy would have beaten the 2-hr mark. He was the greatest marathoner ever!!!

:smiley: You’re going straight to hell you know that, right? I remember the drama surrounding his murder/accident as if it were yesterday. RIP!

Not convinced he was better than Douglas Wakihuri technically. Definitely not better than Kipchoge. In athletics, you get judged by the competition you run against. A generation in sports( track) is about 3-4 years. You get a new crop of comeptition every 3 years or so. Wakihuri primed 3 generations, 86 to 95. Wanjiru is 2 gens ( 05-2010) .

I thought it was not a secret that he was a Kalenjin birthed by a Kikuyu mother. Hamna habari?


Man could’ve been great but my god, alimalizwa na anasa and a lack of discipline.

Looking at the shitty characters around him esp mathe wake, its a miracle he even got that far. May he RIP.

He lacked discipline. But a great marathoner. I would have liked contest between him and Kip

He lacked discipline. But a great marathoner. I would have liked contest between him and Kip