Great Success in Kenya

Most of the kenya government departments and parastatal have been associated or have been claimed to be involved in corruption and are said to be incompetent. But i will like to know from you guys which do you think is the most performing and efficient government parastatal or department. Personallly i will vote for KeNHA and TSC. The most under performing i will vote for Kenya police especially CID, NIS, EACC and NTSA. This institutions have failed to deal with corruption, unresolved murders, illegal migration, and even security issues such as cattle rustling and murder of fellow police by cattle rustlers. They are the most incompetent institution which require overhaul. Which do you think are the best government departments and parastatal and which require overhaul. Lets talk and discuss

KENHA look like a procurement wing of Chinese state owned enterprises! They outsource design work and give out tenders to Chinese.

Bure kabisa!

KENHA may not be doing best but it is better than most of country’s departments

Watch out for Ketraco, KAA, KPA, NOCK, GDC, National Housing, WSC, NIB, NCPB and NHIF in the next few years. That said CaK is the best performing department in government. They always give a huge dividend cheque to Treasury every year and maintain all its operations from its sources.

Maybe i will vote for KAA and KETRACO. Those others are null

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Their fortunes will rise since they will implement a lot of work under the Jubilee manifesto. Airport modernization, nationwide high power cables network, port expansion/new ports, oil pipelines/refinery/production/Gas yetu, geothermal power plants, 2 million prefab housing units countrywide, 56 dams for water/irrigation/flood control/power generation, large irrigation projects such as galana supplying national strategic grains stocks, universal health care and SGR railway phase 2/3.

CaK ni gani

Communication Authority of Kenya

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worst by default ni Kenya Police, hapo hata hakuna mtu anaweza washinda.
Kenya Railways pia are running SGR so shoddily na vile hio project iko na potential.