Great Sonko Portrait

Wonderful Portrait …
Only the very observant among you will see it …

Say “Amen” when You do … :blush: :joy: :fire:

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Walisema wapake izo viti mashiro

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Watu hutoka mbali…

Sonko before his mbirrions…


Wasee hutoka far

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Nimeshindwa kunyonga. Uko na video?

Seriously… Hii ni Aibu Sasa…

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Clearly photoshopped…original photo was here for all of us to see. No need to spread such altered images. But tunangoja cameraman atuoshe na zingine zenye tunajua ako nazo


Sikua nmecheki kama wamephotoshop wakaongeza kilitoris :green_emoji:

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Kamba clan meeting conducted in Swahili language.

Is this for real? :laughing:

Shut the fuck up beb

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Is it slanted to the left? Wueeeh!

Hio mbisha iko photoshopped hata wewe haujui there is no way a woman’s private part can be seen while she’s seated in such a position.

The camera is a faithful and impartial recorder of events …:rofl::joy::rofl:

DRC Singer Marie Jose AKA Meje 30 performing at the incredible Live Kampala Concert …

The Camera Man was at the right spot at the right time to document this amazing shot for posterity …:rofl::joy::rofl::fire::fire:

As the late President Emilio Mwai Kibaki (RIP) would often say with great emphasis …

…“…Ooohhhh Yessss …!!!” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Some are Deliberate …
Some are Wardrobe Malfunctions …
Others are just bad luck … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ms Cecilia Wairimu AKA Amani has been caught twice:fire:


Ms. Kelly Khumalo - Live JNB Concert - 09th August 2017.

kelly 9aug17

Hehehehe … :rofl:

yoweri disgust

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