Great move my friend.

If you can work remotely, there is no need of continuing to stay in the city. Humble yourself and hamia mashinani. An income of Kshs 30,000 in mashinani takes you very far but Nairobi ukibuy maziwa packet moja na 1,000 note, you will not notice how the change “disappears”…Utastukia tu thao yako imeisha.

This corona virus imefungua watu macho. They’ve realised the real pandemic is capitalism. Watu warudi mashinani where capitalism isn’t deeply entrenched



Not everyone is fit for business and not everyone is fit for employment. Before making that decision make sure you know which side you belong to

Kuna mwenda wazimu mwingine wa Wazua forums who trolls people who don’t believe in his dustbowl idea. I believe he is called mugundaman. A real psycho if you never saw one. But like a broken clock he is correct on the importance of owning a piece of land outside Nairobi. I know many people who cannot do what Philip Sambu is doing because they don’t have an ushago to go to. Their fate is sealed. They have 2 options, come up with rent or become homeless. Tragedy

As i’ve been saying, the real enemy is parasitic owners of capital. stay away from them and their systems

Sasa if u ain’t fit for biz or employment, are u fit to bend over?

Hapo sawa. Hata mimi after constructing my pigsty huku Nairobi I have realised I will not get comfortable yet. Next year I have to put up my shags residence.


I don’t think those two can determine where to live anymore.You can do business from anywhere

Wacha nikupatie in simple terms. Some people can run a business with set systems in place better than start a business without systems. A corporate structure ita waguide kuachieve profits and run the business. Some people cannot run a business without the corporate structures and systems in place. Heading a business without a HR, Finance, Stock, Admin, Customer service itawalemea

Nilifikiria ulichizi baada ya kunywa napoleon. Kumbe una akili hivi?

Unfortunately that too doesn’t hold any water,covid has disrupted lot of stuffs such thst there are people who cannot see themselves employable in the next few years unless they upskill.
The same case to the scenario you’ve given,for now that may seem the only way to operate but look at what your competition are doing,re-imagining the possible and putting up business processes(Not structures) that are not rigid.
Otherwise status quo cannot remain however much people try to force it back.

Wacha ni simplify tena. Some people can create systems to run a successful business. Some people cannot create systems to run a business.

The main reason businesses succed na zingine Zina fail because without systems you cannot account what is happening from money turnover, to stock control to debts management to enforcing discipline among staff. Na hii inahappen mostly to people who are transitioning from employment to business

Mimi nishaland ocha thank God internet is good

Kwani unachimba pesa wapi?

Kevin de bryune

The Kibaki administration and Bitange Ndemo’s team walifanya kazi ya maana sana building Kenya’s Internet infrastructure.

Free market economics and competition is what brings innovation and forward progress. The best ideas win. I don’t want to call it capitalism because it means different things to different people. Don’t fight the wrong enemy

Sometime back mzee alianza kuissue ultimatums na akanionesha kacorner kangu akifikiri nakaa kupotelea hii Nairobi.
I urgued a bulk of the time niko Nairobi so kujenga ni penye family iko kwanza, ndio mambo ya ocha nipange mdogo mdogo bila pressure. Sasa itabidi kama backup. Mwanaume ni deni, so hata loan ya kutop up itapatikana.

Yaani lazima unyambe kwa kila thread? You got issues, i say. Just when i was about to forward this link to someone i respect, ndio huyo bingwa na mharo yake. So unfrtunate. Kwani wewe ni nani? Chit!!

I will make Limuru my new shags. Mimi sigwesi hama huko Western.