Great low Budget Movies : Marine 5 Battleground

Sometimes, when am tired, napenda sana kuwatch tolerable low budget movies. I don’t wat to memorize too many characters . And I need minimal number of scenes. But exciting as well. I think Marine 5 Battleground iko hapo (6 locations I think, not more than 10 characters i have to focus on and some not so bad novice acting, achana na zile za John Cena). And is it just me ama huyu the lead actor Miz (Wa WWE) ako na vibe flani ya John L.Cooper ule lead vocalist wa Skillet ?

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Low budget movies kinda suck… Unapata cgi fx zao ziko down… Unaona chopper imeblowup lakini its not hard to farthom ilikuwa toy… Nakadalika… Kuna movies i put in the dvd and within 3mins of the start… I just chomoa…siwes waste90 mins of my life.


Your should watch In a Valley of Violence if you haven’t.


I do the same but instead of low budget movies, I watch shitty high budget movies(Transformers, Fast and Furious and the like) and shitty holly wood comedies. Usually under the influence, when the purpose ni kuzima akili.

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naah wacha ningoje hii game itoke @screwplus

Dude you are watching a DVD in a DVD Player and you are complaining of low quality,? hehehehe funny


Kuna za blueray quality ni poa.

Just seen the trailer and it’s on my download list already

If you want low budget you can’t lower than this , mpaka bloopers kwa imdb ni 0

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:D:D:D:D:D Funniest sh*t there. Ata wireframes hazikufanyiwa finnishing. Kama hapo kwa the last scene.


Atlantic Rim karibu ifanye nivunje TV.

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[ATTACH]101570[/ATTACH] Xboner nabaki tu nikimeza mate hii story mblo[ATTACH]101569[/ATTACH]

Bro, the moment mtu anarip BRay to mp4 na mwingine anaconvert hiyo mp4 to DVD quality inaenda chini chini sana.

Dvd ni old news.


[ATTACH]101638[/ATTACH] Shit john wick 2 and free fire have dropped leo[ATTACH]101640[/ATTACH] puff pass tuesday iko set[ATTACH]101639[/ATTACH]
[SIZE=2]ans need to check on A24 they killing it

Sharknado, independent Daysaster, Crocanaconda etc etc. They’re so bad, hadi ni comedy

@Antonio Mascaro

Look for Ninja 2 : Shadow of a Tear