Gravity Is Overrated

beautiful , cant imagine the thrill and adrenaline surge

Awesome, and i like the sound track used man


Apt name for one of the pilots…Chandelier

Until you see Vyes Rossy doing his thing over Dubai in 4K

First aid kit - My silver lining

Good Good Music there

the style, Puts me closer to Of Monsters and Men

I think paragliding and parasailing are the most badass activities a human being can take part in. The Paragliding channel on Vimeo gives me goosebumps.

Very true… this is one of my favourite sa

Mine is Dirty Paws n the creatures from below

Hii lazima nifanye. It is on my bucket list.

ni mburoti maguta maguta ntakimbizana nazo ama ni hii maneno nitafanya

Why not both?

Awesome, only comparable to riding a big nduthi on the Marsabit highway