Grave for millionaires

At 130k ,huko Kinale, Nyandarua. Citizens wamekataa huo upuuuzi lakini Watajua hawajui, the government has already given it a clean bill of health.
This might escalates the already huge gap between the reach, Makende and the hoi poli.
What’s your view on this progress, I guess there are better things to do for now to uplift the common mwananchi.

Hawawezi enda kutengeneza place kama Maai Mahiu.That is a waste of land

Hell is extremely hot ,they want coooool place for the hell bound millionaire !

It’s illusion, it’s like there is nothing better to do.

now this is progress. people seeing opportunities @wea. if one can afford it iko sawa

The renders… the chapel, the gardens they seem to hold a vague promise to ease the passing of a loved one.

I wish this millionaire graveyard can guarantee a millionaire place in heaven

mteso niaje wewe tutakuzika amagoro .

I’m a Wanga shenzi

wewe ni muTESO hata semeji @principal anajua

@principal amekuwa mungwana these days, wewe umebaki na kinyesi kichwani


@introvert ebu kom na Tata. This is too much.
Spelling, tense, sentence structure, yaani kila kitu. Ngai

Have you been in this village of late

Yes right now

@Abba is how

Poa kizee. Umeona hii pukusu inasumbua mimi

ni syphilis unasumbua yeye. Uko ocha hebu ingia inbox