I started a journey 11 years ago. I’m slowly winding down. Along my journey Iv lost so called friends and created faithful ones .
Along my journey I became a father of 2, something I least expected but accepted it to be fate.But one thing that has stood all this time is this one person who never gave up on me. The sacrifice and humility she had to go through.
I don’t know what journey you people have but if you meet the right person to walk with you then you will have safe journey mercies. I have huge adventure that awaits me when I’ll be done with this 11 years. As I look back I tell myself " Boy it’s been a humbling ride."

Hizi parables ni za kazi gani sasa?
Either upeane hekaya kikamilifu ama ujiekee, coomberfoo!!

Says a very little uncircumcised boy

Yenyewe ni ngumu kujua. @Bottoms your 11 yr journey is a tough marriage and you are finally getting a divorce ama? Ukisema 2 kids in 11 years rather than blessing ni fate inasound kaa you would have wished otherwise ama? The faithful humble supporter ni mpango wa kando ama?

I didn’t want to reveal much and if I do I’ll be known who I am but I just wanted you to focus on the statement :

Hatupendi suspense.Cough it out or hold your peace forever.And Yes our mums will never leave us despite what we put them through

This is what I think
Alileta wale mboch huwa watoi. Sasa after 11 years mboch amefika 21 so he is getting ready to get dividends :smiley:

Says a sapiens that buys used underwears from mitumbas

Says the most superstitious talker of all times . Are you still whatsapping your relatives to check if they are dead or ok on that family whatsapp group…

@Bottoms, are you a HOMOSEXUAL ? The term bottom(s) is a world mostly used in the faggot world.

No I have a wife and 2 kids. Don’t judge me because of a name I picked as my handle. I’m straight,love God and his ways

Hmm. A journey 11 years ago that you are winding down? At least say what it is without going to details.Marriage, school, career, travel, business?

You are a great thinker and smart . It’s of the last 4. Marriage is solid as rock

Everyday I communicate with my brothers and sisters without fail. :smiley: what can I say, we’re blessed

You are funny

ulienda majuu kusoma 11 years later hujagraduate? regesha msichana nyumbani upate baraka za wazazi

Jazz …

Bingwa unasumbua!

Kumbe si kitu ya maana ni Umatako

They are good men,don’t underrate them.The comfort…out of these world.Now back to you,tell us what has taken you 11yrs to realise was a moribund project.11yrs…Jeez this is what I call being slow within slow.VCnfirm that you are upright upstairs first before narrating your story