Graphics designer's

I was tasked to design a logo for housing co - operative society … kindly recommend a forum where i can share my design for some positive critic.

:D:D:DIt can’t be here? WhatsApp

weka logo hapa tucomment maoni

Here i risk exposing myself… niko na kacheo uko.

ulidesign na software gani?

Archicad 18…

ingia ADOBE family bro, ukidai tizi i can give you at a fee,"mwalimu colombo)

Naeza pata wapi lets say complete tutorials za illustrator & PHOTOSHOP boss.

zo huwa kwa youtube, pia go to a sight called HONKIAT has a lot obout design, then in Adobe CC ,AI, PS, ID there is cloud which has a lot of design resources and tutorials


would like to see how Archicad graphics looks like…i find the potput pixelation abit too rigid to bring out clear images.

Exactly, the image is not necessarily clear… i used archicad to come up with the concept . I will hire a graphic designer to refine it …