Graphic!!! Murder most foul...!!!

This India guy killed an African girl last night in Bangalore 3am 2nd Thursday 2017. she is rumored to be Kenyan.

@meriamata kindly confirm this…

If its confirmed if the girl is Kenyan, then every Indian, especially Peasants Indian, should be deported back to their stupid country…

The Peasant Indian and his family doesn’t even have visa, it expired last year

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Aki amekufa vibaya, alikua anarapiwa ama nini, mguu ingine inaface east, ingine north, pole kwake

That has to be the most chilling video I have seen in a long time…The that guy is sitting there I can only imagine his state of mind.

must be on some kinda of hard drug

Full story:


Why did she see in that curry-muncher? And she was a Ugandan selling her wares in that location.

From this story it sounds like it is her greed that killed her.

Waindi wana tabia ya kukamua malanye kombi.

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nimesema mara mob wahindi warudi kwao wauwane huko


Huyo lanye Mganda alikuwa akiuza brungo India.