Graphic image cc: Jirani

Robber burnt by angry residents at Kamiti.
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Jeeez, what did the fella do


Rob from residents.

i thought makagari never get burnt …

what made you change your mind?


Kwani umezoom? Ngai fafa!

ati msee akichomwa ananyonji?

meria mata also passed there kwani tumepitana???..boss hata salamu.

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Kijiji itaisha. Asubuhi ilikuwa Pamba na sasa ni Snapdragon.

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Worse than the starved lady pics posted by Mr. Uwes

i guess rigor mortis affects all body parts…na ukichoma mutura/sausage huwa inafura, if you do not prick it to release the air ita-burst…

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Sio rigor mortis, just flow of blood as the arterial muscles relax…usually happens if you die vertically or face-down


None visible seems his became ash already…

so my girlfriend hizi ndio aliona akienda home,she sounded so traumatised by that sight while I just laughed it off,now I know better,chomeni hizi takataka lakini