Graphic cards

Where can i find friendly prices za nvidia gtx 1060 6gb, 1050 or 1070 in kenya? Comment if you have any leads .

Import tu, it’s easier and cheaper

@smart idiot… I dnt know which shipping courier to use

^^ use

vile @smart idiot amesema hapo juu

@Kentex Cargo saidia Talker

Saa hii ni kubaya, because of crypto mining GPU prices are up.

Jaribu xgamertechnologies kenya uone prices

X-gamera are as expensive as Fck!!

Unfortunately kuko hivyo everywhere especially if you are buying 10 series cards or AMD. Even westerners are crying gpus are expensive in their own countries. Crypto miners have f#cked gpu prices big time

True and they lack diversity. They are so much into asus yet there’s MSI, PNG EVGA etc who have the same gpu at much lower prices

Try Mail for Africa. Blunder ni they shipping and processing fee. if it’s a standard shipment the cost will be 3.5k but make sure the gpu can fit a 303030cm carton box.

Saa hizi tulia ungojee August juu GPU prices are over the roof


We can help. Please inbox at [email protected]

Na anyone ever used KenTex to ship laptops? Any customs charges? I’d like to know since quote iko na shipping na insurance charges pekee na singependa kuwa slapped na additional charges after I ship

Go with vitumob, kentex are full of hidden charges

Thanks, though naona Vitumob wako expe