Granny with a butchery has saved 6.5m in old notes.

In El Wak, Mandera of all the places.
@Motokubwa , you are struggling to put up a pig sty yet mnyanye ako na 6.5m.
This is taking Kenyans children, hii ni pesa ya Al Shabaab being laundered.

Huyo Ni al shabaab

That lie is more naked than kipara ya @Makonika

Condition ya pesa itaamua

Huyo shosh afinywe maken…mateetee mpaka aseme mahali alitoa hizo pesa. No sacred cows in the fight against money laundering.

her tax evader son/husband gave her the money and a stooooooooooooory…

@Motokubwa please rein in this one.

let her be assessed for tax alipe…there are others who are buying any cow and camel they can lay their hands on, even accross the border.

It’s plausible. Banking sector is almost non existent in the region coupled with the fact most Muslims don’t bank due to interest being illegal. I would just look at the business and investigate if it can manage to produce such savings daily. Many many folks still save under their mattresses. We’re a country of almost 50 million, i will not be the least bit surprised if some very frugal folks with millions in savings under their beds come out of the woodwork.

last 18 years in elwak, so, for her to saying ksh1,000 everyday , how much has been her total sales per day ? na hio ni january to december ? @Motokubwa kuja fanya

Gachui unajua hawa watu hawatambui banks hata kupata noti ya mia tano huko ni ngumu.

A baldfaced lie!

No muzee i believe it would be easier to just change up the money in small bits across several financial institutions without raising alarm. What the old woman did goes directly against what a criminal would have done in laundering that money. Nobody wants that kind of national attention on their money. The old woman seems to be very simple.

or that would be what the clever son in eastleigh wanted to exploit…anyway, we’ll never know.

Gashui 6M ni pesa kidogo sana. Anyone with a proper functioning brain can have it changed to the new currency in half a day exploiting many financial avenues. To put into perspective savings of 6M will only last you around 4 years assuming you’re just a modest middle class family man. (125k Monthly) If you’re upper middle class it will get you to about 2 years.(250k Monthly) A lot of middle class earners can easily manage such savings over a period of 18 years. It’s really not that alarming.

CBK is not interested with folks who have a couple million in their savings in old notes, the whole currency change is target proper bigwigs who have stashed away BILLIONS in private safes thus keeping it from circulation in the market.

6.5M in 18 years makes sense, infact she has grossly underquoted to compensate for daily use and miscellaneous expenses here and there. That amount in her field easily raised in 4 years as quoted by le philosopher. the biggest scam is to believe a permanent salary is the key. Perhaps yes, but only to nurture your startup which should mature under two years.

Its plausible, that mathematics makes perfect cents ata wao wenyewe wakijifanyia hio hesabu watajionea

I already did this but this does not account for expenses such as tuition for kids, other capital expenditure eg land acquisition, ngamia purchase etc. This lady earned more than 6.5 years in her “working life”. Hii 6.5 ni ya kuambia banker “acha kunisumbua”.

Very possible in this community, they don’t do banks.

That’s a big lie. Ametumwa na mtu. Looks like the governor is rinsing his cash.