Grand Ethiopian Renaissance

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be largest on the continent. But the fucking Egypt keeps saying it will attack it upon completion. Do you think Egypt will attack the dam? Also, I think it is time for the countries that Nile passes start utilizing the river starting with Kenya.

I think there’s a treaty that should end soon. It’s absurd that origin countries of the mighty Nile are barred from utilizing the resource. However, Egypt would definitely be justified in retaliating since their entire economy is hinged on the Nile. Let them build the dam alafu kanuke

egypt economy lies entirely on the nile so if ethiopia reduces the water volume kuna shida

Na sisi na inaanzia hapa Lake Victoria

Damming a river is not blocking. You cannot block a major river you just retain some of the water that would naturally flow into the mediterranean in this case for a season or too until the lake is full the normal flow would resume. Egypt needs to stop being foolish.

Although they have right, they should no be chest thumping. I would say countries need to benefit from Nile water. Hata mimi naseam acha kanuke!

@samachel I think this treaty was a colonial one and not straight forward.
How is it that only the end country has absolute control on how the water will be used?

They are foolish, their reasoning is wanting.

Lets pump water from lake to dry Nothern kenya ( but not under this usless thug govt)

Related: Apparently River Congo is capable of powering the entire African continent. A mega-dam spanning one channel of the vast river Congo at Inga Falls has the capacity to produce electricity equal to 20 large nuclear power stations. Lakini bureaucracy and instability there has rendered it a pipe dream

Turkana ipo but not utilized, guys in the north die of drought every year like it’s an anniversary of some sought.

Kwani hii treaty ilisigniwa what year no one dares touch the Nile? Egypt inafaa kuambiwa go drying… Hio maji inatoka kwetu so it’s our resource to use as we will

Kenya mikia iko katikati ya miguru

Egypt must negotiate with other countries in the Nile basin, whether they want to or not. The treaty was signed by colonial powers and gave Egypt the power to veto any project along the Nile and its tributaries. What kind of nonsense is that? Egypt in its current political state cannot afford to start a war with another country. Judging by what happened in Syria, if Egypt received backing from the US, Ethiopia would immediately receive support from Russia and China, leading to a costly war of attrition. So a war is off the table, ni vitisho baridi tu.

Read the comments above yours and decide who is foolish

Sheria za mkoloni ziishe

Looks like pia sisi tuko kwa mix

This is a very important stick to wield against Egypt… And in international politics whoever wields the bigger stick has say

This should be us

  1. You might want to read up on how stakeholder states are trying to circumvent it by reading up on the nile basin initiative.