I’m not sure if its on a tunnel somewhere in parklands near a school it made to the frontpage in DN during the election period.

Harra warle war K’nia.

I lied to you about what?

That she’s spoon

Who and when was that?

Hizi za spoon ndio gani tena? Naomba kuelimishwa…

@old monk That was my assumption back then and whether I still hold it or not does not matter. I wonder why you would quote me as an authority on @Nefertities more than herself. I do not know the angle you are trying to reach at, but just stop it.



betcha a million dollars these 2 potato-heads have no idea what is happening right now … its gonna be a looooooooooong day when they try to catch up!


In K-LIST she(spoon) had a simillar thread like this discussing graffiti and the demolition of 5POINTZ in Newyork which was a graffiti mecca for a number of graffiti artists worldwide and she pointed out some local graffiti artists she wanted to work with.

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This cant be spoon. This is a foko jembe


I am unable to follow your conversation but this gif just reminded of Dexter.

Keep on utapewa someday

:D:D:D:D kumbe hata wewe umeona hivyo

Keyboard Knight in butlicking armour

Wale mapro know how to scale their art iwe kwa canvas au kwa ukuta they know and stepping back so steps to see how its going on.

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your sketches determines a lot about your final work. before they get to the wall they have the sketches and colouring done thoroughly so by the time they start working on the wall they know what to do. @old monk natambua bankslave mbaya. tulikua kole na yeye. Also remember it was raining when they were to do the project so it was all about patience and the right timings

I also used to follow him and his crew on that K1 graffiti party updates.

This he did in Senegal during the GUC terror attacks.

note the souls of the victims leaving earth and the bullet marks.