graduation gown

looking for a graduation gown with a pink robe

Hii fascination ya graduation hutoka wapi? I skipped all my awarding ceremonies.

Pengine alivako familia ako kwa graduation list so lazima atokee na gown wasianze kumshuku. Happens a lot hapo uon

It is a big day for some families coz they feel like they have made you in one way or the other. But with time one comes to realise that there is nothing to it.
My older siblings held those graduations where dad hired mathrees with banana plantations on them beeping all the way to KU and Egerton. With villagers dancing. To date they are so ashamed of the photos :D:D:D they won’t show you.
I went for my bachelors degree award coz dad insisted. The rest never to be seen again.

OP can you not hire a gown wherever you are…?

Haha my folks never had the chance to show up…kwanza hio ya mathrees was just a timewaster:D:D you come for a function where only a single name of your relative will be called out. After that hippocratic oath in undergrad, i saw it senseless to engage in those ceremonies afterall the payback has just started:D

Its also rampant in k.u too though some eventually get caught years down the line

My dad came for mine. I guess to confirm I was not partying all night long and that his tuition was well spent. Kikiki. Only 2 people are allowed huko ndani, the rest of the family/friends can wait elsewhere.
[SIZE=1]Ni kaushamba kiasi.[/SIZE]

This reminds me of how my Dad called me on a Saturday to remind me my graduation is the next week Tuesday.

I was already working in Mombasa and graduation was in Juja. Sijawai vaa gown mimi…

Graduation nilienda man solo kama nimetupa hiyo gown kwa bag, and i was dressed in jeans… While other people were busy waiting kusomwa majina wasimame, our class peeps tulikuwa pale central police canteen tukichapa beer na makali like a nonsense. after speech tukaamua kuenda kuona shagmondoz wamekujiwa na kijiji mzima like @Finest wine and catcall their sisters/cousins hehe.

The allure and pride of the graduation gown is now gone. People graduating in mediocre courses like hairdressing courses wanavalishwa gown every December.

Wacha kunionea. I dodged that bullet…also by the time I would have graduated huko that era of Banana leaves was all gone. Jobs for graduates had already greatly reduced so the excitement had gone down.

My mum started calling me to remind me that my graduation was due in September yet Grad was in December. At that time, I had a sup that I had to sit to be allowed to graduate. Thank God, I passed that sup. My mum gladly came for my graduation and I just had to attend it in her honour and then make a long trip to my rural area despite the fact that I was already staying in Nairobi. Masaibu tu! :smiley:

Just respect their struggle and.move on. To each his own. You may never understand the joy of a parent seeing the offsprings make baby steps in life.

My graduation I was slouched on the sofa nursing a hangover, why would I celebrate my duty?

Congratulations pink robed mjamaa