Grace Wangari RIP Femicide continues

Sijui tukue lesbian ama?

It’s a normal phenomenon of increased temperatures in the month of January. Happens every year around January, goes down in July and peaks again in October. Again, I must insist that the current femicides are not higher than ay prior year, it is just that mzee machozi Remjius Aywak Aremsechete Shiundu has slowed down cognitively and githeri media have nothing better to report.


The heat hypothesis states that hot temperatures can in crease aggressive motives and behaviors. Although alternative explanations occasionally account for some portion of the
observed increases in aggression when temperatures are high, none are sufficient to ac
count for most such heat effects. Hot temperatures increase aggression by direct increasing feelings of hostility and indirectly increasing aggression. Global warming trends may
well increase violent-crime rates. Better climate controls in many institutional settings (e.g.,
prisons, schools, the workplace) may reduce aggression-related problems in those settings

Heat and Violence
Craig A. Anderson’
Department of Psychology, Iowa State University

There’s places with higher increase in temperature like Coast and North Eastern, please let’s avoid blaming weather for criminal behavior.

That said, I must admit that I have had to change my dress mode bcz the climate is becoming like the one at the Coast. Even the months of cold like July are no longer cold. I like hot weather so it’s all good plus it’s good for the skin, hair and nails not to mention health in general. Weather poa sana. Makes you sweat out toxins and drink more water to replace the water lost through sweat.

It’s not about high temperatures, it’s the relative change in temperature.

Temperature change is worse at the Coast. In the cold months you feel the cold to the bone and in hotter months it’s so crazy that some people struggle to breath and others even sleep outside. The increase is higher. Swali ni why is it that they don’t bcm more aggressive?

Have you ever had to use a heavy blanket during the cold months at the coat?

No but you can’t shower with cold water like we were used to. If you take cold shower or drink cold drink you will get pneumonia. It’s bcz you have never lived there long enough for your body to change. Old people usually die in the cold months bcz their bodies really feel the cold.

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If you cannot use a blanket, it’s your body feeling the change not the actual change in temperature

So the body is imagining the change in temperature ? Some arguments…

Dip your hand in cold water then deep it in luke warm water, it’ll feel like it’s burning even though it’s not

This is why it’s your dad I’m seeing not you. Btw Mwambie kesho ni mimi na yeye. I’m ready for the match, nimekula pineapple. This is our song.

@TrumanCapote do you believe me now. See how much violence has gone down during the rainy season? Ngoja isshe vita ianze tena. The government needs to invest in AC units

This is due to higher humidity. World is getting wetter. The heat in north eastern is more tolerable than mombasa because the air is dry. You struggle to breath at the coast due to water in the air, high relative humidity.

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