GP Karting 1st race of 2018


VW Owners Club is hosting a GP Karting race weekend at the Langata race track(Carnivore/splash) on 3rd March, 2018 from 7pm – 10Pm. The race features both drivers’ and team championship. Teams will be composed of 3-5 drivers with a maximum of 10 teams battling for top position.

[SIZE=5]Race Format[/SIZE]
· 3 laps warm up[ATTACH=full]157376[/ATTACH]

· 3 laps qualifying

· 10 laps Heat 1

· 10 laps Heat 2

· 15 laps Final Heat

Each race has 10 participants on the grid drawn from each of the participating teams. Each team contributes a max of 2 drivers for each heat after which drivers are ranked according to finishing position with corresponding points. These points contribute to overall team performance. At the end of the event, the top driver will be crowned and the best performing team named.

[SIZE=5]Participation & Payments[/SIZE]
· As a team, you can nominate 3-5 drivers to represent you in the event.

· The names of the participating drivers should be submitted by 28th Feb.

· Each nominated driver pays a race deposit of 500 on name submission.

· Final race fee of 2,000/= should be paid in by 1st March, 2018.

· Teams are encouraged to bring their supporting fans free of charge.

Contact: 0712249559


Food and drinks can be bought at the track restaurant for all in attendance.

Drivers are NOT allowed to drink alcohol before or during the race.

All drivers will be briefed on track rules before the race.

So can someone pop out of the blue and spectate or one must be invited by a competing team in order to go and watch the race?

Most welcome to spectate for FREE. Ofcourse you’ll later kind yourself for not participating.

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