GoW Ragnarok. Time to See What the Hype Is All About

I’ve been ducking spoilers all week. The most hyped up, anticipated game of 2022. I have a feeling it will be GOTY 2022 just because the story might be easily digestible… i.e. unambiguous, unlike Eden Ring.


this shit is good,lived to its hype,complited it and the story line is the best.for me is 10/10

Elden Ring was awesome lived up to all my expectations. Long live miyazaki cant wait for the Dlc. That being said Im eager to play continue Atreus’s story


God of war 3 is my favourite I should replay it

God of war is always a masterpiece. What I dont like about it is too much dialogue. I wish it was a pure combat game. But I remember the last one some two elves realy beat the shit out of me. Anyway, I will have to play this one because I remember how satisfying it was when Kratos threw that axe.