Govt to tax idle land

Tell your mothers in the villages to dig every inch of the land coz sirkal is coming for tax if the land is uncultivated.


Useless gvt.

:D:Dplanting ni seasonal vumbistan…finya uwa

Unless they quantify minimum acrage…it’s unrealistic to have 50 acres of unploughed land esp in productive areas!

However, the effort in itself is self defeatist, watu wataweka miti (eucalyptus) kufukuza KRA. It’s a bad proposal that will achieve nothing.


Nikiweka ngombe mbili za maziwa na punda milia moja, will they still tax me on my 15 acres.

You are actively farming. They’ll have to quantify what amounts to idle land.

Some of these guys should not be in government. Those proposals are great, but not for our economy. It has been proven over time in this country, that whenever taxes are increased, people just reduce or stop usage of whatever it is that becomes expensive out of the tax increase and the final result is that the revenue collection dips lower than it was before the increase. If that is not a call to use other strategies, I think we have useless policy makers around this place. If they can find ways to increase spending, then they will get more money. Otherwise everyone except the wash wash chaps goes into survival mode.

hapa ni Kenyatta wanakimbizwa but in between kuna watu wataumia.

Mtamea akili wakenya kuchagua Conman ako na Masters ya Bible

But their lands are not idle. Hata hio next to KU has brookside milk factory, peponi school, eucalyptus plantations, industrial ware houses and the rest is grazed by cattle and sheep or harvested for hay. Huko taveta they are contracted by kenya seed to grow seed maize under irrigation. Huko njiru the land ni quarry to produce building stones.

Kibali tried but hakuweza. How do you define idle land? If I fence my two acre land plant grass and keep two goats. Is that idle?. What if Iam in the business world of growing hay, is that idle land? What about…and so on. Ndio is crazy to imagine some of these things. He should concentrate on curbing expenditure by his boss

Mahasora wanalia.


Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u, having understudied Kibaki for years, is really underperforming. Either that ama amezungukwa na kaleo dwarfs who can’t be advised.

This will finish the buroti maguta maguta business coz many buy to hold and speculate and hope to resell the plots for a profit in the future.

This feels like that watchman who you owe money just because umemsalimia, but with real consequences of loss of wealth.

Buroti maguta maguta holders will let the neighbors cross one of their cows everyday to the land for a small fee, and claim they are farming. Or they will plant 2 mapera trees on the land, proceeds of which will be sold in the market. Hey, the land is not idle.

Land should be taxed progressively kama income…anything above 100 acres should be heftily taxed…to slowly resolve a country of 10 one million acre owners and 10 million one acre owners with 30 million squatters…

This is what I would do to resolve Kenya’s land conundrum…in 2032 when the sixth…:smiley:

Kagege, a pastoralist in turkana or kajiado or wajir etc needs hundreds of acres to graze his animals. And now you want to tax them heftily?







I’m just curious …
Do “First Daughters” pay KRA Income Tax …??? :D:D


Unajua vizuri hawana title deed and graze on “community” land whose title is owned by the government or one of the 10 one million acre plus owners

O rly?