Govt to sell 18 parastatals


kenya its our turn to create oligarchs:

Russian oligarchs (Russian: олигархи, romanized: oligarkhi) are business oligarchs of the former Soviet republics who rapidly accumulated wealth in the 1990s via the Russian privatisation that followed the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

good direction

Hasora tawara

Ni God manze.

Kufuata Nyayo za Moi…

If you put emotions aside, he is actually right. As much as they may have been relevant a few years ago, some of these places have more workers than the actual job posts. They have become places for big people to dump their family members in the name of working for the government.

They have been saying this since the Moi’s error

Kabisa. Akina Abrahamovic were KGB operatives

The issue is the how. Why change the law to keep parliament out of the decision? It stinks to high heaven that some highly performing parastatals will be sold. Uhuru wanted to take over JKIA

Kenya iko na wenyewe.

Not making any money he alludes? Is KPLC one of those?

Elders mnataka ziuzwe ama mnataka Arror aendelee kupeana billions kila mwaka kwa institutions hazina faida kwenu? Mnatakkaje?

Wasiuze ADC ama JSKS atachukua Mutara ranch yote pale Laikipia

Soon roads, hospitals, schools etc will be sold because they are not making profits while govt is spending billions to maintain them. Si juzi walisema they are selling universities?

Tukipinga io maneno ya ku privatise barabara ya expressway na barabara wa kalenjins enye Ruto alicancel juzi mliona Ruto akiwa mjinga, sasa ile wakati ya nguruwe kujikaanga na mafuta yake umewadia.

Maneno ya education na healthcare ya kenya ilipangiwa kitambo na parasitic owners of capital wa western countries, izo mbili haziko kwa mikono zenu tena

Hapo sawa kabisa!!!
KCC,KQ,KPLC,Uchumi,Bata na Simlaw seed company

Surprisingly, some parastatals enjoy the benefits of monopoly but they still record negatives. Government always bail them hoping they will stabilize which has never been the case.


hawa hawawezi they dont have the capacity to run a successful business. they will most probably sell them to foreigners

the big people are the biggest losers here. there is no way they will give up their sources of income