Govt to monitor your Mpesa - amefanya


Nanny state. Watu wa kumwaga ndani na kuingia msituni…just a matter of time and the govt will be raiding ur mpesa

vile kunaenda sioni kama @Berlin Oxford atatoka kwa bedsitter hii mwaka.

the government has every right to monitor.but as Godfrey Njagi asks.Is it just only those receiving salaries via mpesa or any money via mpesa?

maybe some employers dodge kra and if things are monitored they will be forced to comply

First target will be the businesses using pay bill and till no to receive payment. Majority do not issue ETR receipts. Hapo ndio KRA wataanza maswali before they start to query private transactions.

maybe hot air hii gava ya tuta…

If you took a pile of manure by the lorry load and dumped it in govt, it will perform better than the Kenya Kwanza regime. No one is talking about spurring economic activity coz that requires brains. They would rather impose taxes in an economy that is grinding to a halt.

Watu wa online writing wanakujiwa. Hizo payoneer to mpesa transactions zitaangaliwa. Tutakamuliwa to the last drop so that wakubwa can enjoy the high life using taxpayer’s money.

Mimi MTU ya nil am reverting to cash. No Mpesa.
The way things are going I will start to give offer on cash. You pay cash you pay 5% less. Mpesa 20% more.

Faggot @Titty Twister ebu soma hii.

A challenge will be thos matatu conductors who accept payment via mpesa bila a Paybill, how will they defend themselves after KRA queries all those transactions?

The fuckers that hio ng’ombe supports assume a linear relationship between the tax imposed and the yield. That can only work if you are taxing output. However, they want to impose taxes on input assuming that watapata kitu. Read up on what happened to the presumptive tax that had been touted as the silver bullet in widening the tax bracket. A really harebrained idea. You can only tax that which is taxable.


The work would be easier and less if they also went with equal zeal after the overnight dollar millionaire tenderprenenuers that pervade all 48 governments

And reward their tax evading “investors” with board memberships.

That will require painful changes that affect eating through govt coffers. The easy option ni kucheza peasants na mambo kama hustler fund and milk them from side B. Wale wametoroka abroad watume pesa

@patco mimi ndio unaita faggot? Mimi? Mimi mwenye nimeebrufy kijiji na zeruzeru na brunette descendants of uncle Plato in a threesome mimi? Patty nilikushow tafuta bibi/GF hii upuuus ya multihandling itaisha


These guys are so clueless. Bet you the top 1 to 15 percenters in Kenya do not pay their fair share, evade taxes and definitely are the most corrupt. Tax that bracket (LootAll included, MPigs, corporates, highest income earners etc) at 40%, lower the tax burden of bottom income earners and it will seal the revenue deficit.

This KK govt needs to understand that the average Kenyan does not have disposable income. They are struggling to barely put two meals per day on the table. How does a government even burden them more by increasing taxes.