Govt to introduce swimming pool tax - all schools with pools to pay


I tell you

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Tax everything except MPs is the motto

Does this guy even understand what he is doing? So they’ll take the tax and build swimming pools for the schools that do not have them? Funda ici!

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“to reduce inequality” :rofl: :rofl:


Zakayo is running mad. Very soon you will have to be taxed for waking up in the morning or walking on public areas.


aongeze kodi kwa watumiao magari binafsi to reduce inequlity…aongeze kodi kwa gym equipment to reduce inequlity,tax weaving and wigs to reduce inequlity

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1 year of nothing but pain.
4 years to go.

Tūgeeges priss wake up.


Fixing the handshake and slowly restoring Kenya’s economic health. He needs our support and cooperation. Jukumu kubwa lakini tujitahidi.

:rofl: :rofl:machos

This abit much, the sports ministry must be thrilled. Ion Nairobi water staff have been quietly mapping kanairo houses complete with photos of the property?

Muthaiga School bado inakuanga na swimo?