Govt Employees Who Reject Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Fired!

mimi nimesema sitambui uprofessor wake kwa io decision amefanya, mwenzangu anajaribu kumtetea eti io decision iko sawa eti imefanywa na professor.

nini inashinda experience ya miaka mingi? elimu enye mnasoma shule si ni summary ya ile maarifa sisi watu wa experience tuko nayo?

President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered members of his Cabinet and senior staff in his executive office to take the jabs as a way of encouraging public uptake. President Kenyatta told his officials to lead by example and get the COVID-19 jab in an effort to ramp up the rollout of the national vaccination program.

The President also got vaccinated hoping he would encourage Kenyans to also take injection amid rising cases.
Office of The President Chief Of Staff, Nzioka Waita receiving the Covid-19 vaccine on Friday, March 26, 2021

He was alongside first lady Margaret Kenyatta, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, Nyeri archbishop Anthony Muheria and Foreign Affairs CS Rachel Omamo and other leaders. State House Chief of Staff, Nzioka Waita was among the first to receive the jab on Friday morning, March 26, under the guidance of the Ministry of Health vaccination team.

Ministry of Industrialization Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina and her Public Service counterpart Margaret Kobia have also conformed to the President’s call and received the jab. Defence CS Monica Juma also took the jab.

President Uhuru Kenyatta vaccinated on Friday, March 26, at State House

Cabinet Secretaries and executive staff are now expected to follow suit and receive the vaccine despite the fact that Deputy President William Ruto is yet to go through the process.

On Thursday, March 25, Ruto laughed off a comment on why he was yet to take up the Covid-19 jab - but encouraged other Kenyans to do so.

Can’t A Senator wear a vest for this occasion…or he wants to show off his breasts?

On the other hand, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe March 13, explained that he had not taken the vaccine because that he did not want Kenyans to accuse him of queue jumping, adding that he would patiently wait for his turn.

“I will not take the vaccine until it gets to my turn on the priority list. If I take it before I will be accused of rushing, if I do not take it, I will be accused of not leading by example,” the CS said.

Why does tyranny come so naturally to the Left? Can’t people be trusted with their own bodies? As much as we all want an end to this pandemic, we have to balance this urgency with liberties guaranteed by the constitution.

Since masks are equally effective, then West Pokot’s govt should offer those who don’t want the vaccine an alternative. These harsh utterances only fuel conspiracy theories and harden the public’s resolve not to adhere to covid protocols.

This is not a question of worrying about yourself. Covid is infectious and your infection affects others.
TB and Polio vaccines had such conspiracies and resistance…but you and I are here because they worked.

We all know you QAnonners have pivoted to Vaccine Resistance after the defeat of all your efforts to preserve and re-instate Trump.

Do masks work or not? Because every flu season at work we have people who can’t take the flu vaccine but they’re mandated to wear masks whenever they are within the hospital premises.

Masks do not work at all… Ni ushienzi

  1. We are trying to move away from masks.
  2. Covid is NOT comparable to Flu.


Are you really a nurse or a CNA?

You’re spreading misinformation. Even after you receive your vaccine, you must still wear a mask. Read the cdc guidelines. Masks are probably never going away completely, due to the ever present risk of emerging variants. Coronavirus and influenza viruses are both single stranded RNA organisms, meaning they are very similar even their mode of transmission and symptomatology. High quality masks such as the N95 and PAPR respirators are extremely effective at preventing disease. As much as vaccines are important, govts should also be doing their level best to get their people these high quality masks.

Not all masks are created equally.

Herd immunity when achieved removes the need for masks.

Are you really a nurse or a CNA?

You’re working so hard to prove you’ve answered my question… :smiley:

Lakini watu wengi wenye wamekuwa positive si wanasema wamekuwa wakivaa mask… Na ni masks aina tofauti… Kwa case kama ya Corona, watu ni kuassume tu wanaassume vile inaspread lakini hakuna mtu anajua… Ingekuwa inaspread vile inasemekana, tungekuwa nayo Nairobi mzima

I’m trying my level best to midwife your unscientific opinion. We are 1+ years into the pandemic. What do viruses do? They MUTATE. Even if vaccine hesitancy wasn’t a thing, it would take years for the whole world to achieve herd immunity at which point tens of new variants will have cropped up. Long lasting, global herd immunity is a mirage, therefore, taking away this crucial layer of protection (masks) would be very detrimental.

Most people don’t know how to wear masks. Too many have them hanging by the chin or their noses are exposed. Others rewind low quality masks until they’re so filthy, what was meant for protection actually becomes a disease vector.

More reason vaccination is needed, don’t you think?

You’re constantly contradicting yourself. :smiley:

Watu wa streets uko ghetto ndio wanafanya izo tabia… Lakini si bado hawajawezwa na hii Corona… Sasa ndio nasema hii kitu haispread vile mnaifanya ikae… Ju hao watu wangekuwa washakufa nayo…

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Ama ata you share a business idea… Ama uniitishe paybill ucheze kama wewe nisisote sana na hii lockdown… Corona wachana nayo nitakuombea Mungu akulinde

It’s game over, a Brazil variant virus has mutated to now escape any vaccine.

Oh my!

Uhuru leaves netizens talking after he forgot where he had placed his face mask shortly after issuing the 15 presidential address on the pandemic at State House Nairobi… :D:D



As the Ministry of Health (MoH) carries on with Kenya’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, mixed reactions have been registered among Kenyans living abroad, who say they have either taken the jab or are planning to. This is despite speculation and big pharma geopolitical wars surrounding a number of vaccines. Controversy surrounds the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine that is in use in Kenya as some countries earlier halted its rollout citing links to blood clots.


Peter Oluoch, a Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. student at UMass Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts, says their school prioritized the vaccination of students by early January 2021, even before most members of the faculty.
At the time, he had taken a Christmas break to visit his family.
"I received communication inviting me to get the jab when I was still on holiday in Kenya. Upon returning to the US, I went through the quarantine period and scheduled my vaccination after receiving negative Covid-19 test results. It was a very pleasant surprise,” he says.
Mr Oluoch was asked a series of questions before being immunized, including his history of allergic responses to vaccines and pulmonary-related infections.
"I received the first jab on Feb 9 and the second dose on March 2. Though I expected some form of reaction, I did not witness any. My shoulder was numb after the jab and there was mild fatigue. Besides that, I was totally fine and did not take any sick day.”
Kenya’s Ministry of Health has a Covid-19 vaccination policy that makes it mandatory for a vaccine recipient to have been Covid-19-negative six months, according to vaccine task force chair, Dr Willis Akhwale.
The World Health Organization’s guidelines advise against subjecting vaccine recipients to antigen or PCR tests prior to inoculation as a measure to guard against discriminating against those who have tested positive.



Christabel Mideva Eboso (26), a Phd law student, researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Kent’s School of Law in Canterbury, received her first Pfizer vaccine dose last week.
“I wasn’t supposed to get the vaccine because I don’t fall under the priority box but I got asthma attacks so my general practitioner booked me for vaccination,” she says.
Ms Mideva walked to the vaccination center for screening with her head high.
“They ask a couple of questions to verify you are a priority. I was asked which vaccine I wanted and chose Pfizer. They inject it in the arm ,” she says.
"I started feeling very drowsy five minutes later. My head was heavy, but they had informed me about those side effects. At home I took paracetamols as I was feeling weird and couldn’t sleep. In the night I had a severe bout of diarrhoea, a bad headache and a fever.”
She woke up with a sore arm the next day and still had a headache that evening. She also sneezed a lot and shivered.
Ms Mideva used an electric heater, in addition to the inbuilt house heaters they have in the UK, to keep warm and as the third day elapsed, she gradually felt better.
"I was nervous at first and didn’t want to take the vaccine but I just knew I had to get this done especially because the British weather and National Health Service (NHS) kept reminding me that an asthma attack may kill me before I get assistance.”
The lawyer is of the opinion that AstraZeneca may be a victim of cut-throat big pharma competition for markets, and geopolitics.

“We know its politics. They are angry after the UK left the European Union (EU). They can’t believe the UK is thriving even after Brexit. Other vaccines may also cause blood clots but they won’t mention it,” she claimed.


Nicholas Monday Aswani, a medic and tech entrepreneur based in the US, says he is skeptical about getting the jab.
“To be honest, I am against taking that shot. If it were totally up to me, I wouldn’t. I am concerned it hasn’t been properly developed given the short duration of manufacture.”
Dr Aswani notes that vaccines usually undergo extensive testing before their efficacy is determined. He feels Covid-19 vaccines have been rushed due to anticipated monetary benefits.
"In total, five competing vaccines are available here, among them Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer, but the CDC recommends Pfizer and Moderna. This begs the question - what about the others?”
Dr Aswani says news on adverse reactions in some people amplifies his skepticism.
“I am worried I might be forced to take it just so I can travel - my favorite pastime activity. A few countries are already beating the drums for a Covid-19 passport so I might reluctantly get the shot for travel purposes ,” he says.


Dr Roselyn Akombe, a former IEBC commissioner, who now works at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Africa) told the Nation that she prefers the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
“I will keep you posted on how it goes. I should be getting it next week while in the US,” said Ms Akombe, who is currently stationed in Ethiopia.


[SIZE=6]Vaccine passports[/SIZE]

China had begun rolling out a digital vaccine passport to millions of residents who have received their Covid-19 shots with efforts of similar schemes in the US and Europe coming to a halt due to ethics debates about inequality and privacy.
"Visa facilitation” is for people in the US who get Chinese Covid-19 vaccines.
The policy, effective Monday, is aimed at resuming “people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries,” the Chinese embassy in the US stated in an official statement on Monday.
It could soon be accessed through WeChat — an app almost everyone in China has, but few people abroad subscribe to.
China’s Foreign Ministry said the app will allow people both in China and overseas to verify the certificate by scanning a QR code, potentially freeing up the movement of the 52 million people in China vaccinated so far.

[SIZE=6]Strange patterns[/SIZE]

Meanwhile, Dr Ahmed Kalebi, the chief executive and chief consultant pathologist at Lancet Group of Laboratories in Nairobi, is almost 100 per cent certain that the UK and South Africa variants of the Covid-19 are in Kenya.
Dr Kalebi cites the large number of incoming travellers from these coutie as well as spill-over of patients from Tanzania, where these variants have been confirmed from travellers who went to the Middle East, the UK and other parts of the world.
“We are seeing strange pattern of test results in the lab, for example very high viral loads and odd distribution of viral genes, as well as peculiar clinical presentation of the infected cases, all pointing to the fact that the third wave is different and most likely being driven by some new variants similar to what is being reported in the US, UK, Europe and SA,” he told the Nation.

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