Govt Employees Who Reject Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Fired!

West Pokot County Governor John Lonyang’apuo has vowed to fire West Pokot county government employees who will fail to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the governor, those who reject the jab set a bad example to residents of West Pokot.

“I will fire whoever refuses to take the vaccine because I don’t see why I should work with people who set a bad example to the people of West Pokot,” the governor asserted.
West Pokot governor Prof John Lonyangapuo

“They will be responsible if they fail to take the vaccines by July, and I will not give anyone their pay slips. Should the opportunity to take the vaccine pass, they should not bother showing up,” added the governor while receiving his jab.

He further stated that there is no government that would intentionally provide bad vaccines to its citizens, further insisting that they were safe.

“We have had so many vaccinations over the years, which have protected us throughout our lives. Any vaccine passed internationally, by the Kenyan government and the doctors is safe and sound,” he affirmed.


He further stated that people were using stereotypes as an excuse not to receive the vaccine all while complaining that top government officials had not gone through the procedure.

"Let us protect ourselves and the people around us. Do not embarrass us by refusing and staying in your homes.

The Kenyan program states that doctors, teachers and top government officials are on the frontline of the vaccination process, and they have all received it, why should you refuse?" asked Lonyang’apuo.

The governor was accompanied by top county officials noting that the county had already received 6,000 doses.

Lonyang’apuo also revealed that the government was under financial strain and that they were struggling to make sure essential services were served.

This vaccine will be made compulsory worldwide soon. We are already in the end times

I’m disappointed with his intimidation tactics which have no place in a democracy. The best way to fight vaccine hesitancy is by educating people not threatening their livelihoods.

kama korti haitambui konyagi1
court order hapa…ii umbwa ikuje mka
lakini konyagi1 ako ndani:D

It will be like that soon.

Nilijua hiyo mambo ya voluntary ni uwongo tu

You cannot educate Republicans and Trump voters fast enough to end the pandemic as soon as possible.
Some Kenyans are just taking cue

Single digit iq African bonobo.

Many are saying that they are allergic to eggs

Mans who is a professor wewe unasema akona single digit IQ?

That’s a thought process of a professor who doubles as a governor of a county… Extrapolate downwards to see how the voter thinks

sasa nitajuaje yeye ni professor kama zile vitu anaongea ni zile watu hawana akili huongea? eti atawafuta kazi wafanyakazi wenye hawapati vaccine, ni wafanya kazi wangapi wa manufacturer wa io vaccine wenye wamevaccinatiwa?

Coercion is one of the methods of implementing change. Akianza kubembeleza watu how many will take the vaccine and how long will the process take?

Is it an emergency? How have we been surviving without the vaccine? Kama ni muhimu ivo si mkuu wa majeshi aweke amri soldiers wote wapewe io kwanza, sababu wao ndio hulinda nchi?

But he has…amesema cabinet and executive must take the vaccine with immediate effect. Watu wanakufa brathe, don’t joke with Corona.

Those decisions are driven by commerce, nothing else. Russia sidhani employees wanaforciwa kupewa vaccine, na wao wametengeza wako nayo. Out of 144 million people ni 2 million peke yake wamepewa.

Already nyinyi kenya mshapokea doses zaidi ya 2 million.

Ao wazungu wanawapenda kuliko wanavyo jipenda? Mna uhakika?

Russia inawapenda kuliko vile inajipenda?

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Mbwa kasia makamasi

Probesa of mazematics kwanza, na @sani ni mtu ya ngubaru, kenya talk tamaliza mimi siku moja

You’re using a fallacious argument, the guy is a professor but not a professor in health. Nyinyi ndio mnaona electrical engineer ameingia kijiji, mnasema Engineer apewe kazi ya kujenga barabara