Govt Buys Exclusive Nairobi Club for Ksh5 Billion to Build Matatu Terminus

[li]By DENIS MWANGI on 11 November 2020 - 7:25 am[/li]
[li]President Uhuru Kenyatta toasting[/li]FILE
[li]The government is in the final stages of acquiring a members-only club in Nairobi to pave way for the expansion of Uhuru Highway and the construction of a matatu terminus. [/li]Speaking at the Senate on Tuesday, November 10, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja told the house that the government had already committed Ksh5 billion to purchase the land that is owned by Kenya Railways Retirement Pension Scheme.
“Treasury has confirmed that the money is available and that the NLC is finalising the valuation for the compulsory acquisition of Railways Club land,” he divulged.
A vehicle carrying office equipment drives through a demolished car yard at the Kenya Railways Club
The government is buying the Railways’ land for the Nairobi Expressway Road project and to build a bus terminus along Uhuru Highway for matatus coming to the city from Mombasa Road, Lang’ata Road and Ngong Road.
Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Mohamed Badi and Senator Johnson Sakaja on Thursday, March 26, 2020.
The expressway is part of the state’s plan to decongest traffic in Nairobi and the new bus terminus will also be part of the BRT project that is already in the works.

Saddam Hussain is not fucking around

Will property prices in Upperhill finally start coming down ama they will continue defying logic despite this news?
Nishawahi skia mahali this place ni ya the Konyagis. Any truth in that?

Hii si ni kutoa pesa kwa mfuko ya right uweke kwa ya left ?

Hapo si upper hill,ni ka mtu wa kinoo kusema anaishi westy

Upper Hill inaanzia wapi?

See the red ring? Not the round about

Something i have always advocated for - government should buy strategic land and sort out the traffic mess. And put in place plans that can remain valid for the next 100 years.

The next stop should be enforcement of zoning laws in the larger nairobi metropolis.

@Tom Bayeye na si naona Railway Club iko within the red ring?
Oh pole. Naona imewekwa nje by mere inches.

Why dont they want to put the terminus inside CBD where people are going. If they put the terminus outside CBD the businesses will move outside CBD to follow the people.
They should have invested that money to buy buses and get rid of matatus for once and for all

Good move by govt. hapo wamemaliza traffic mob sana

The point is to decongest CBD. I think kuingia CBD watu wataingia na BRT

This land is far from upperhill where the tall buildings are being constructed.

That is what I completely dont understand. So people will alight 2 matatus and then enter 2 BRT buses how will that decongest CBD while the matatus will be replaced by the BRT.
So someone will come from South C with a matatu alight the matatu then board a brt. They will be forced to pay fare twice for no reason
What they are trying to do is to pretend they are doing something like they have been doing for the past 50 years. They either invest in good stages and matatu compliance with traffic rules or they buy buses to replace all matatus in Nairobi.

from railways golf club do you really need a ma3 kuingia tao?

This will work perfect. The BRT buses will be limited and will be adhering to the road rules. How do you expect matatus to obey rules when they have always made a mockery of them? Those who can afford or are in a hurry to get to the other side of town will have the option of BRT. The rest can walk the remaining distance to CBD.

Yeah ,sasa umeshika kinoo-westy dynamics. Most places ziko divided na pipa ama roadsign post

boss hakuna brt, itakuwa kutembea, or hizo pathways wanarenovate sio kazi ya bure, besides from uhuru park to tom mboya street or moi avenue you surely don’t need a vehicle

You do need a vehicle if you grown in the city na hujazoea kutembea or if you’re wearing heels.

Nowadays folks are very lazy.