Governors wanakula vizuri..

This is the reason why i fervently support devolution. It is a blessing in disguise. It enables those tribes that love to blame the Kalenjin and Kikuyu for corruption and looting have their own counties/governments to self manage. This will enable themrecognize that the problem of wastage, corruption and nepotism is a national issue not a tribe based thing. And at least they can’t blame everyone (mainly Kales and Kiuks- supposed two tribes ruling) because of their counties not perform well/being well managed.

Look at Nyanza counties specifically Siaya and Homabay over the last 10 years. Was their any meaningful development. Is that the kind of development the old senile Raila wants to instill im Kenya. At least devolution will show us which communities know better how to govern themselves well and take good care of their resources. And if i was to be honest, I think the Ukambani governors are trying compared to many other Kenyan communities.

Kwanza Siaya wali kula kama washenzi

watu waharibu mali yao wenyewe ndio badaye wasikuje kublame outsiders

Fagget Mijinga kïpiiiiii mumama zaidiiiii umekaaa hivi fuaaaaaa ukihara ukinyamba ukidunga ukinusa uvundo ukakuambia wewe na muhahe yooooooooote ya watu wenyu wewe ndiwe wa kwanza na hii stale news? Brare taktaka ghaseer imbilisi nyeusi cunt

Wivu itakuua kijana

Si apatiwe ile nyumba ya Kabarnet gardens now that mzee is no more.

Umbwaaa … thats private property.

Sheesh! pole kama nimeguza mtu yenyu lakini sisi wote tunajua hio nyumba ilikuwa acquired illegally from the state na hio nyumba lazima itarudishwa kwa serikali siku moja probably even during your lifetime wakati tutapata a woke leader like Magufuli who will not be a product of Kanu.