Governors election in Mombasa and kakamega suspended


Negro is a bad manager.

Hadi kwetu South Pokot banae … the miseducation of a negro is on another level. Can’t get shit right the first time…

Hu mchongoma tunaoupanda…
Kushuka itakuwa balaa!

Bad signs

IEBC is keen on bungling elections.

Pkosing anapenda home…nakuja mnyanduano huko ortum next week…

Oh well. Better to admit and correct mistakes before the act. It’s in their powers. Avoid 2007 like situations.

Nitakuwekelea copper ya matako hadi utii vile mnafanyianga waKenya wenzangu uko S.Sudan.

Sonko anatingisha kinyambi saa hii.

By morning they will have suspended the election until further notice. Ohunye is too young to retire

Kuwa mpole rafiki yangu kalekem was to take that seat mapema…wamechelewesha tu.

Niko na sister moja swafee hapo ortum school of nursing…nitaleta yeye hapo elgonia nimtreat… mwalimu wa kishaunet ameenda home.

People in those IEBC offices are Political beneficiaries with dense heads.

IEBC has one job. Just ONE job.
How the hell do they somehow fuck such a sensitive exercise, at a sensitive time and in zones perceived as strongholds of a particular coalition?
How retarded can it get?

Deep state kuna game inacheza hapa

It’s not fucked. Mistakes happen. Nobody ever does a project with 100% accuracy. Even when a new Microsoft Windows version is released, there’s usually bugs. So don’t put unreasonable expectations on everybody. Elections still will be held. What would be bad is if the decided to proceed with the mistakes. The constitution gives them a window of time to correct. If anything, those elections will be more scrutinized.

Unacceptable, that is their core objective. You cannot make up things. Reasons given are not satisfactory. Huwezi niambia ati sijui wrong photos mara wrong names. All that long, where were the reviewers? It’s such a sensitive matter.


But don’t they normally send people to go counter check before actual printing starts ?

Nilikwambia kwa thread ingine nikuchangamshe bongo.

It is not the printing that’s the issue but wrong ballots being sent to wrong county.

There are reviewers. Sometimes a audit can miss or defects are within acceptable limits. Then serious issues arise later.