Governor Sonko reveals why education CS Janet Ouko resigned.

Sonko might not be very knowledgeable, but the man seems to have above average intelligence.

Hapo sonko ameweza. I bet the technocrats in the county government think they can hoodwink him easy since according to them hajasoma. Hapa wameshikwa red handed

The guy is pragmatic in his approach, he seems to be genuine in protecting the needs of the needy in the society.

He may not be the most qualified but he has the will, and that is what is most important.

Sonko is a career thug who has for long been ostracized by an elitist system comprised of criminals. He also knows that the people who like highlighting his thuggish character are worse criminals than he is. He wants to show the citizens that he can do a better job despite his ‘forced’ educational credentials.

prezzo 2027

That will be a tall order

na vile huyo Janet amekua akijichocha civil society. smh

Some things are so depressing…

Him also shunning of elitism, helps alot with keeping in touch with the day to day happenings on the ground.
Kidero is an elitist, that’s why lots of sh!t happened right under his nose.

Mdomo baggy tu

Sonko bravo :D:D:D

Sonko is a selfless Leader who has the interest of common mwananchi at heart.

Iko shida mahali, did you’ll listen to Janet retort?

In this issue, I would support Jane, Sonko is a known fraudster and the Indians at industrial area can attest to his blackmailing ways. A forensic audit of the city county accounts will lay all this shenanigans to rest.

You’re very wrong. She knew what was happening, probably got kickbacks too. I believe Sonko is right. The presser was to let the people know what had been happening behind his back. This lady is guilty as charged and has now run back to civil society from where Kidero plucked her.Cheques were issued at official handing over functions for scholarships, all monies set aside seems to be disbursed. Discreetly brought back, cancelled, new ones issued to different entities. And considering the amounts involved (less than 100K), only the county education minister can cancel and sign new cheques for this seemingly small amounts, not Sonko. After accruing into a few millions, a proxy is then sent to withdraw from different bank branches. And the cycle repeats itself. Hapo madam got busted and promptly resigned.

Wait and see is the best attitude.

Time will tell

This mama has a point. I believe her