Governor Orengo - at 72 - sires a son with a pre-wall soft meat

POLITICSOrengo troubled as two wives gang up against his new catchPublished 3 days ago on June 1, 2023By Boi Boi

SIAYA Governor James Orengo’s wives Rhoda Orengo (Luo) and Betty Murungi (Meru) have reportedly ganged up against their third co-wife Ruth Mueni, the county boss’s new catch who is said to be driving him crazy.

The duo are said to be cursing Orengo’s rise to the Governor position, claiming the high seat of power has negatively affected his morals.

They have accused the Senior Counsel of marrying Mueni, a former State House staff due to his good fortunes, thanks to the lucrative gubernatorial post.

Orengo has reliably rented an apartment for his new catch at the magnificent Oyster Bay apartments that is located next to Gem suites in Kilimani, Nairobi City just behind spinal injury on Rose Close.

“That is where Orengo’s baby mama Ruth Mueni lives and the house is fully paid for by Siaya County Government to a tune of Ksh 280,000 per month,” an aide of Orengo revealed.

Orengo who is currently facing multi million corruption cases in just six Months in office is said to have met Mueni during the campaigns.

“Last year, she was one of the luckiest field mistresses as she enjoyed unlimited stay at the luxurious Ciala Resort and had at least a chopper on standby for her errands.”


It is at the resort that Mueni reportedly charged the 72-year-old county boss, and conceived.

The Governor assured her of better life since it was evident that the elections would favour him.

So the lady was convinced to keep the product of the accidental live intimacy after threatening to spill the beans, the source said.

“The Governor had to give in and currently Mueni is extravagantly enjoying Siaya County coffers.”

On 1st March this year Mueni was admitted at the Nairobi hospital, North Wing (top most expensive wing) where Siaya County Government through Finance Chief Jack Odinga parted with millions of shillings until she delivered and discharged on 5th March.

Mueni delivered a 1.01 kg baby boy named after Jakaya Kikwete, former president of Tanzania.



“We have a lazy Governor who spends much of his time on leisure, alcohol and women. We are in possession of some of the materials madam Mueni shared with us before she was deceived into submission. But this is a story for another day” the source added.

It is however, the recent rear unity between the Governor’s first and second wife Rhoda and Betty respectively against Mueni that has caused tongues wagging in Siaya and Nairobi Counties.

Mueni is said to be living in fear after reportedly being trailed by alleged agents of the two powerful women.

Eyes are on the Governor for his next move and cause of action.

smells and sounds like a hit job

Umeffi post from a low IQ Buruburu bonobo with a 2:2 in IT from Mount Kenya University

Who cares, Kila nyani na makende yake

hehe wacha orengo akule soft meat wadau

Guy has aged well…pombe sio mbaya



Watu wanapenda udaku na kufunga leso

At 72 the man is still going strong.

But hii jamaa has led a full life. I think he was an MP around 1980

1kg baby. What a travesty. Choleric diarrhoea news.

Mueni doesn’t look like prewall meat. She appears like a person in the mid 30s

Kilo moja jameni…

Angalia drunkard Oburu vile anakaa kama maiti at 78…

Orengo’s secret ni the kind of firebrand politics amekua aki engage in kutoka 80s.

The frequent sprints from the GSU were akin to high intensity exercises and he’s reaping the benefits 30 years later.

Plus the fact that he is a high IQ chap who actively engages his mind as a lawyer in the corridors of justice

Hao babymama’s wata tumaliza wadau …

I respect Polygamists.
Luo, Meru, Kamba, …

Ndio haka…

Kwani sperms zinakua infertile after what age?

Mbaruyia pia

1kg baby hio ni kama nyama nimekula lunch banae… Nini ilikua shida?