Governor Obado tries to commit suicide

Report has it that Obado tried to commit suicide at Gigiri police station
@pamba confirm this…
This guy is guilty if this is anything to go by


He must be missing his baby (DNA Confirmed) so much!

Angejinyonga tu. That would have been one miserable idiot down

ashaanza kuona nikunoma

Ajinyonge tu mapema aanzie eternity hell mapema.

Mwai all over again. Somebody wants him dead. The guys he contracted to do the killing can withstand torture and questioning but they know he can’t, he plans to use money to throw them under the bus. Kill him and lay the blame on a cadaver. He had a motive, they didn’t and being under his employ they were agents not movers of the crime.

His current situation can actually cause one to entertain suicidal thoughts, only the strong-willed can withstand all the arrows aimed at him —> Accounts zake zote have been frozen by EACC who are breathing on his neck over county funds embezzelment…he is staring at a possible life imprisonment over Sharon’s death (fatal flaw)…the wife has allegedly taken off…ODM brigade & ‘baba’ have abandoned him & are busy plotting his ‘succession’!!! Yaani everything & everyone is against him. The sky has fallen. The centre cannot hold anymore.

The noose is slowly tightening on the old man.From a potential murder charge to a graft investigation involving misappropriation of billions of shillings.

Everything that could go wrong for him is doing so right now.It will be a miracle if he survives any of these without a conviction.

alafu askie mca’s wanataka kuimpeach jamaa

watu wakkuwe wakitoa lining ya jacket vile wanaambiwangwa watoe viatu na mushipi

Gov. Ocado is just missing Sharon.

Kwani he didn’t have a jacket with a lining or there are no water pipes in Gigiri?

The wages of sin is death.

Obado has for long been a thorn in the flesh for baba and ODM.
He is among the few in Nyanza who can hold their own politically against the Odinga dynasty which makes his present situation more interesting and causes lots of raised eyebrows to those in the know.

pale twitter naona its obado’s son who attempted suicide but Gov. Obado niku collapse alicallapse tu

If this is true, those cops probably have an airtight case against him and they have shown him the evidence

My words. Obado gave baba a serious resistance last year and his candidature for the last two elections was not on ODM ticket. He only influenced people to not vote on the repeat elections only in support of NASA. He gave Akina 001 a beating when they went campaigning there last year.
His baba support as if now is almost zero.

Obados family is one sick family. Obado was having sex with his wife, his wife’s sister and Sharon. His son was having sex with Sharon.
At this point only absence by death can rehabilitate his reputation.

So its now safe to say Obado and his son walisalimiana ki ktalk