The son of governor from South Nyanza is facing a child upkeep battle in court even though he’s out of the country.
Dan Okoth, son of Migori governor Okoth Obado has been accused of failing to provide for a son he sired with Susan Anyango after the two broke up in 2014.
Anyango now says the four year old son has not attended school since mid-last year and Okoth’s family has since disowned her. Susan Anyango claims she’s now living in abject poverty.
In a suit filed at the Children’s Court case number 35 of 2015, Anyango claims that she cohabited with the governor’s son at Riara Gardens, Nairobi between June 2009 and May 2014 and had one baby out of the union.
“The defendant had been supporting and providing for the child until around May 2014 when he ceased to do so after the defendant and the plaintiff ceased leaving (sic) together,” says Anyango in her affidavit.
She further adds that after Okoth abdicated his parental duties, she approached Children’s Legal Action Network (CLAN) a registered legal aid trust that provides free legal assistance to children, to mediate between herself and Okoth, but Okoth refused to attend any mediation meeting.
In her affidavit, Anyango added the child’s birth certificate as part of evidence. Dan Okoth, is listed as the father of the four year old boy.
“The minor suffers from a chronic and severe ailment of anemia, which needs frequent medical checkup. The plaintiff’s financial standing cannot effectively sustain the maintenance of the minor, in particular food, education, shelter, childcare, clothing, medical care and general maintenance and upkeep,” reads Anyango’s affidavit.
She also claims Okoth’s has a steady income and is of adequate financial disposition to sustain the minor.
In a ruling on July 16, 2015, Nairobi Children’s Court senior resident judge Hon D. K. Kuto made a ruling, ordering Okoth to continue paying school fees for the child, as well as medical expenses when they arise.
“The defendant shall also remit Kshs 22,000 per month as his contribution towards food and shopping, the amount to be paid by 8th of each month,” reads the ruling. The amount came to a total of Sh 141,710.
In a follow up suit number 147 of 2015 filed on October 15, 2015, at the Milimani Law Courts, Anyango asks the court to commit Okoth to a civil jail for disobedience of a court order.
She notes in her plea to the court, Okoth has flouted the two court orders, one for paying support as awarded by Judge Kuto and the other order not to leave the country. “In open contempt of court and with intention of undermining the execution of the lawful order, the respondent has willfully and knowingly travelled to Australia against orders of the honorable court issued on 14th January 2015 barring him from doing so.
The respondent didn’t not make arrangement in satisfaction of the court’s orders as to maintenance and support of the minor.”
She adds that her efforts to make peace with the respondent have been hampered by his mother and brother. “A court process server affected the court order issued on 16th July, 2015 upon the respondent at his premises in Lavington.
Upon reaching the said premises, the mother of the respondent one Millicent Atieno was furious as to why the applicant was proceeding with court process against her son who was to travel to Australia.
Barely 30 minutes later, the respondents brother, Jerry Okoth Obado, called the advocates office furiously asking why the applicant had proceeded to obtain orders of 16th July 2015.”
Okoth is yet to respond to the suit as he is in Australia.

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Fafanua kidigo, what are the implications of Justice Lessit presiding over the case?

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She’s the presiding judge at milimani high court no1 ,plea zote za section 203 as read with section 204 lazima zipitie kwa mikono yake.

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