Governor Obado Guilty as Charged!

Exactly. By the time this is over, Obado will be free, but there are very many palms to grease between him and his freedom. He has to crack is piggy bank. It’s going to cost him A LOT. They have him by the balls.

Hehe… kwanza am sure Ombeta is scouting for a large beach front mansion uko mombasa na malindi pia

And that, apparently, is how the cookie crumbled…

I guess at the end of the day, its not whether you are guilty or not, its what your lawyer can do both legally and/or illegally to get you off the hook.

A perfect example of this is the OJ simpson case in the US

You’re wrong! Hakuna mbegu watalishwa… watajinyonga wenyewe!

Huyu jamaa thought he gained invincibility when he violently retained the governor’s seat. Aliona he could apply it on so many other dilemmas. Atakula maharagwe mbichi huyu. Unadunga kisu tena unamwaga acid na kuua wawili? Overkill

Even impunity requires some level of tact to prevail. Granted, murder is terrifying even to the murderer. The realisation that you have killed make one do some mistakes and in the process, leave evidence that can be traced to you. This however is not the case here. Here, the murder was committed just like the way a person kills a snake. You kill it and leave it on the road.

The motive, the method, and the executors are not in contention, obviously. It is usually difficult to probe murder if the body has not been found, why did they not dump the body in lake Victoria or bury it in the forest? I am glad they did not.

Obado is not walking from this, forget what some people are insinuating here.

I agree with this. If you are going to murder someone, atleast use tact and hire pros to do it. Dont ati call your aid who use sijui whose wifes vehicle to abduct and murder. And then ati send guys with kitchen knives to do it badala ya bunduki. Halafu get rid of the body!

And then ati ushike taxi to go and see that its done with your fon which can be traced.

This murder was so amateurish am sure its the but of jokes among professional murderers.

And soon you will see entering the feeding frenzy the greedy MCA’s requesting their “share” too via threats to impeach him. When it rains, it pours.

It would have been cheaper to pay child support in the long run.

why why why , why vilify the bald community for one bald mans mistake , @introvert as the society chaiman can we sue githeri media ?

obado aseme aide alliba simu then get pro assasins from eastern europe wauwe all witnesses game over . hakuna cha ku bribe judges

Mali ya county itatumika vilivyo boss

Hehe… ati eastern Europe… Bro, wakina Margayan and Sagasyan bado wako kwa memory yako…

constituents of migori will pay the price…he will loot the money from county coffers

Quadrey, Obaldo ameharibia sisi jina but isorait.

Hehe I think DPP learnt his lesson, watawekwa special cell huko muthaiga under surveillance 24/7 with no visitors allowed.

True, with Haji as DPP, it would be a miracle if he walked.

What was he doing at the scene of crime with his phone on kwanza? Hii ni either he is dumb or thinking he can get away with anything coz of his position. I hear the guy even has an MBA (unless he bought it) coz someone with that level of education and exposure should know the capabilities of technology in fighting crime or tracking evidence in cases of any nature.

Ktalk experts wanamuita dumb ni kama hao ni experienced murderers. The guy was just inexperienced not dumb. Kama umewatch Dexter then you know how hard it is to kill someone and cover it up.

This is true kabsa. You dont become a governor if you are dumb.

Its the same way I see guys saying trump is dumb. I mean this guy is the second most powerful man on earth (after putin). Call him what you want but I dont think dumb is the word to use…