Governor Obado Guilty as Charged!

By Innocent Ngare
There are people who are born naturally dumb. Migori Governor Okoth Obado is one of them. Not only is he dumb, he sorrounds himself with equally dumb poeple.

Let’s start at the beginning. Obado involved his close aides Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero in the murder of Sharon. That’s the first mistake. An agency relationship can easily be deduced here. They were acting as agents of their boss.

Caspal Obiero then makes the second mistake -using his wife’s car (the KCL Toyota Fielder) to abduct Sharon. Who, other than a incurable fool, would use their wife’s vehicle (that can be easily traced by the police) to abduct a woman who is later murdered.

Caspal Obiero then makes the third mistake - procuring a third party -Jack Gombe–to drive them to Kodera after the abduction of Sharon. Jack Gombe was not told that he would be involved in the commission of a crime. He had no idea that they would abduct and later kill Sharon Otieno.

Okoth Obado the bald man makes the fourth mistake. He hires a taxi to take him from Oyugis all the way to the scene of the crime. He’s introducing another party (another mouth that can talk), the taxi driver.

The bald man also makes the fifth, and most fatal, mistake. His phone was on in this rendezvous from Kisii to Kodera Forest. His location settings was also on. Investigators simply traced his movements and asked him one question: what was your phone doing in Kodera Forest?

Now, the most important element in this matter is Jack Gombe. He drove the KCL but did not know that he would be implicated in the commission of a crime. It is Jack Gombe who has confessed that Okoth Obado was indeed at the scene of the crime. His confession corroborates the statement provided by the taxi driver.

Gombe has apparently signed a deal with the DPP. He will be charged with a lesser crime of conspiracy to commit murder which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years. The rest are accessories to the murder. They are facing life sentences.

It all boils down to impunity. He did all those things knowing he would get away because of his position.


I knew Obado was stupid…but not this stupid…even the judge won’t believe it

Didnt know this

That was too careless of him.

Obado hafungwi, Kenya ina wenyewe.

Obado hafungwi…

Matapaka ilikua scene of crime? Then inahold press conf? The nerve of some people.

Hii imejulikana aje?

Huyo Gombe na taxi driver watakulishwa ndegu very soon if they don’t get protective custody.


Ninja cooling his heels at gigiri police station till Monday.

Kweli? if the above is true jamaa atakula sembe ya firii kodiaga miaka mingi.


Agreed. This guy thought that even if caught, he would probably pay his way out. Afterall, sharon is an unknown person.

But this thing got so much media coverage that any cop or anyone for that matter would be crazy to take his cash.

Add to that the presidents current anticorruption drive where big guys like kidero are being arrested at 2am etc and you have an atmosphere where guys would be reluctant to be bribed atleast when it comes to a case with so much exposure

pesa imemwagwa kuangamiza obado kisiasa

Huyu venye niliona ameita Cliff Ombeta nikajua ako guilty. When guilty you don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a ‘criminal’ lawyer.

Money talks. Bullshit and any type of convincing evidence walks. With the right depth of pockets, you can murder a nobody (sharons of this world) in broad daylight, in front of news cameras and walk. Let me explain the obvious. Obado will hire the smartest lawyers on the land, because he can afford to. The lawyers will perform every constitutional gymnastics they can to delay the case until it is no longer news. After 2 years of back and forth cases in court, the public will have cooled down and the case will be thrown out for lack of enough evidence. However, someone must go down for this crime. The people who will go down for it are the actual murderers, not Obado who ordered the murder. Obado will not rot in jail, not in this banana republic. Everyone else who is implicated will carry Obado’s cross. This case will make Obado bankrupt or near bankrupt, but he will walk. Lawyers are smart. They know that for Obado to win, he needs a miracle and a “not guilty” verdict is not possible at this time. So they can only do the next best thing which is to use delaying tactics. This will set the ground for the miracle that Obado needs (a shift of legal circumstances a.k.a a big bribe) when things have cooled off. The only worry Obado should have is how much money he will have left when it is all said and done, because there are very many mouths to feed to buy his freedom.

This will be a loooong court case. Hyenas are now celebrating eating his cash right, left and center, they are not letting it go easily till all what is left are bones